Black Ops Cold War Guide – How to Discover All Endings

Depending on your choices, you will have completely different outcomes if you choose your options towards the end in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. While there aren’t so many choices as previous games like Black Ops 2, unexpected twists and turns are also in play. In the wake of some conclusion, the continuation of this storyline of the Black Ops appears impossible, but who knows? Maybe this is a new timeline.

In the guide below, we’ll make sure to stay clear of spoilers. The game comes with three distinct endings. There are two, each with two significant variations and many minor differences depending on the actions you take throughout the game. So, if you’re wondering about your outcome, follow the next step. There are two missions to complete, and both of them reveal fascinating aspects of the story.

Truth to End

When you are in”Personality Crisis,” in “Personality In the “Personality” mission, choose”Truth” in the “Personality Crisis” mission “Truth” alternative. This will open”The Final Countdown,” which is “The Last Countdown.” You must go through it to obtain the “better” conclusion, which isn’t that great.

An ambush ending

In”Personality Crisis,” during the “Personality In the “Personality” mission, choose”Lie.” During the “Personality Crisis” missions, select the “Lie” alternative. Following that, go towards the asylum gate. The final step requires you to have opened the door earlier during your exploration.

In the back room, go and make an ambush call via radio. This unlocks access to the Ashes to Ashes mission, which is the final mission.

Stopping a lie that was a failure

Like the previous one The same way, you can select similar to the previous ending, select the “Lie” option But don’t attempt to call an ambush over the radio. If you don’t, the ambush is over.

This will also enable it to the Ashes to Ashes mission. However, the result could be quite different.

Furthermore, there could be minor differences in endings based on whether you are on Adler’s or Perseus Adler’s side. Secondary ending elements are based on the following choices and actions:

  • You can kill or take Kasim.
  • Kill Volkov or kill him.
  • Perform Operation Chaos.
  • Fulfill Operation Red Circus.
  • Save Park or Lazarus, or let them die.

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