Black Legend – Alchemical RPG review Review

In March, the enthralling game that was based on turn Black Legend went to release. It doesn’t snatch the stars out of the sky, but a few intriguing features are available. Learn more about this game in this review.

  • Author: Warcave
  • Author: Warcave
  • Please note: March 25, 2021

The plot is as clichéd as you can get: We lead the mercenaries who were sent by the king to take the city that was ravaged by the evil Alchemist Mephisto If we are able to destroy the villain and his cowards the king is willing to forgive us for our sins. If we pass away in the process, well, we’re certainly not the only ones to suffer from luck.

The same way indifferent developers have dealt with the task. We receive them in the local shelter and they’re so dull and insignificant that I couldn’t bear to look at the descriptions. It’s like, visit there, complete that, return and report back, then go to a different location. Repeat until you get bored.

In this way, we’ll see the dark and quite atmospheric surroundings of a city ruled by evil and sometimes stumble across terrifying mini-scenes such as a pile of bodies mangled or a gallows containing hanging men. However it’s very difficult to navigate around here. there’s no map and you’ll have to figure out the path to the destination through reading street indications and trying to figure out the meaning out of the chaos of streets. As time passes, areas that have been cleared are populated by enemies when you head to complete the quest you could be in some unnecessary fights on the route.
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Battles are among the best features that you can enjoy in Black Legend. It’s a turn-based game that features battles that are reminiscent of XCOM, however with distinct elements. For instance, in the location – the folklore from Belgium in the Netherlands during the 17th century, the combat system in this game draws on alchemical principles. Every attack has its own impact: e.g., it could inflict the marks of rubeido, albedo citrinitas, or nigredo on your opponent or serve as catalyst. This may sound complicated however it’s not – simply remember which colors correspond to the marks for each elemental alchemy and then combine them in a way that is appropriate and then activate them using catalyst. Be sure to flank or rearrange your opponent to cause more damage.

It can also be done by adversaries, also, which is why it’s essential to be vigilant about your charactersand ensure they’re fit and healthy to take out damage or to reinforce any markings that are in opposition to them. Monsters aren’t afraid to strike in large groups , and benefiting from their advantages: some attack from afar, some take massive damage, while others cause the hero to be burned and so on.

The system of role-playing offers some creativity. For instance, the type of the player is determined by the weapon he picks. Choose a sword and you’re a mercenary. Armed with a dagger, you’re a tricker; pick up an axe and you’re ready in the land of the skneckhts!

Classes are able to be modified at any time as well the type of class that you pick determines the type of equipment at your disposal, in addition to the abilities they can utilize. For instance an acrobat can shoot an unintentional blunderbuss, which is small in size and also leaves a citrinitas tag and a knave can deal poisonous blades with the albedo tag.
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Skills can be taught and utilized in any class. Overall, this system is very interesting It allows you to try various combinations of classes and not be stuck in the same set of skills, but also in adapting to enemies that are immune to certain attacks.

A lot of the tricks however, might not come useful, considering that the AI in this game isn’t one of the smart ones. The game also runs extremely slow, even with the ability to rewind time (which is, in fact is not easy to find).

Black Legend has some potential however it’s hampered by its typical implementation. It’s worth looking into due to its interesting features However, don’t expect anything extraordinary from it.

Black Legend

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