Biomutant Test

The whole process starts with the creation of characters. Six animal species with five classes can be found: sniper commando, psi freak, saboteur, and guardian. It’s up to us whether we’ll begin with better melee skills, more agility, or any other benefits. Alongside being a part of the group, we select how we will present our warriors. We pick a type of fox sporting an eyepatch for our sniper. He is given a different color of fur. The adventure starts.

The main thing is gone!

From the first second, the style of Biomutant is captivating. While it’s a post-apocalyptic universe, bright colors and humorous characters are the mainstays. Animals that have been mutated can outrun human beings. We see pandas everywhere, civilized and bears, badgers and bears, cats, and many other animals living in villages and performing daily chores.

Outside of such areas, we encounter genuinely terrifying creatures. Weasels nimble in armor, samurai, and wombats sporting massive teeth are still pretty standard. However, it gets wild when pajama dinosaurs and trolls dressed in footballer outfits or trees have taken on life. As distinct as the creatures appear, so different are their fighting techniques. They are the rolling, spitting, shooting, jumping, and scratching at what the body transforms into.

Our furry friend has plenty of ways to fight for his rights. In the realm of character development, there are many avenues to choose from. The class we pick at the start is only a rough path that can be changed anytime. This is why we are gradually shaping our sniper into a multi-faceted player by enhancing the attributes that match and unlocking appropriate capabilities. Furthermore, we can use special attacks like poison, fire, or ice and call them on the quick-select button. However, our mutant is placed with blocks and agile jumping in defense.

The armor and weapon system also provides the user with much flexibility. We design wild and unique creations using objects found, ranging from greatswords and axes to guns and rifles with automatics. Wood scraps, toys for children, stovepipes, and screws can be combined to make gnarly gadgets and could even produce effects such as acid or the freezing of ice. If we come across finished weapons, they can be disassembled or altered using our components. Clothing is imaginative: any shirt, hat, and pants can be outfitted and modified. If the dress you’ve found isn’t enough, maybe a trip to a store will help.
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Bangin’ Round Trip

Relatively open-ended is also part of the plot of Biomutant. The entire story revolves around the tree of life located at the universe’s heart. However, the lush tree is at risk: four gigantic monsters, dubbed World Eaters, are gnawing at the tree’s roots. Six tribes now live across the globe. Some want the trees to be saved, and some want to kill them. The tribes are formed at the start of the game, and we fight against other tribes from then onwards. For this, we go to your outposts and wait until the leader of the tribe we belong to presents himself to the tribe’s leader for the final reckoning. Then, we get other available weapons, like the boomerang or grappling hook to draw enemies into.

Our choices are also needed in different ways. If we are kind and assist people with their troubles, we enhance the brightness of our aura. If we shout to help others and are selfish, it increases darkness. There are endless chances to do good or evil acts to be committed during the journey. The quests are all over the world of games about fighting, collecting, or exploring.

As a result, Biomutant leads us through various areas, including grasslands, mountainous regions, wastelands, and swamps. All of it is characterized by the remains of civilizations past. We travel along old roads, make to get through tunnels and sewers or look for salvageable objects in abandoned buildings. There are places with extreme temperatures or intense radiation, which requires our protagonist to possess the proper resistance. To not have to go around the entire area and everywhere, we call mounts or mechanical ways of transport, such as an underwater speedster anytime.

More appearance than actual

As unique as insane style, free character development, and aura system sound, in theory, they are unsatisfactory in reality. The problem starts by looking at the graphic. In essence, the game runs 60 frames per second for both the PS4 Pro and PS5 with an impressive resolution of 1080p and 4K, respectively. The initial 15 minutes on PS5 are plagued by a lot of judder and frequent crashes, which happen when you travel fast, such as in battles, and when you are fighting an encounter with a boss. Thankfully, a patch can fix the frequent crashes and also stabilizes your frame speed. For the PS4 Pro, everything runs more smoothly and without cracks. But even on this system, the violent pop-ups, poor-detail textures clipping, and incoherent animations are commonplace the day.

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In combat, many jerks can be annoying, but they also cause unclean control and a lack of balance. While fighting in close quarters, we cannot free-style attack opponents and must live with a slight automatic change-up. Ultimately, our attacks are often unsuccessful since the enemy is in our sights but out of our reach. In the same way, we can detect attacks from enemies often poorly during the rush, and counters that are targeted and maneuvers to evade them are complex.

Compare this to the robust combat at range. With the help of unlimited ammunition and a wide range of ammo, we can maintain our distance and stay moving calmly. Rifles, for instance, come with a huge thump and even massive hunks cannot resist. Even at the top level of three, the basic baller strategy works exceptionally well. But, they are also dull since, at their heart, it makes all confrontations equally dry.

The quests are unimaginative and dull. The focus is on the tedious work of collecting orders or combat; instead of telling a few stories or adding some surprise elements, Biomutant reels off the same script every time, accepting the quest, completing it, and collecting your rewards. Even funny scenes, such as the hunt for a specific excrement pile, do not appeal because of the rigid structure.

Regarding the volume of words, this game exceeds the limit for this. In the dialogues, characters utter slang that a good German translator could translate. But, the dialogues are stuffed with untrue philosophical quips and cliche life advice that do nothing to the mission at hand or the story overall.

If we can choose the answers, it’s typically related to the aura system. We first select the light side and present the Samaritan the chance to be welcoming and assist all. Since we don’t see any changes, we opt for the dark side. However, it’s identical: neither the game’s world nor its characters display any reaction or alteration. At the game’s final stage, our aura is revealed in a brief sequence.

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