Beyerdynamic Mmx 100 / Mmx 150 Test

In general, the MMX 100 and MMX 150 are the same, except the options for connecting and a feature that is not available in the MMX 150. The more affordable MMX 100 is aimed primarily at gamers who want to use their headset with console controllers and mobile devices. It comes with a 1.20-meter cable and the combo jack. It can be used with any device that has a 3.5-mm connector. In addition, because of a different 1.20m crossing point, users can use this MMX 100 on a PC equipped with a microphone and headphone connector.

Its MMX 150, on the contrary, is utilized through USB on a computer. However, it is also able to be used on a PlayStation console. Fantastic: the cable’s length of 2.40 meters is larger than what it is utilized to. It is also removable and replaceable by a 1.2-millimeter jack cable making sure controllers, and mobile devices will not be left behind.

Another difference between the two headsets, the MMX 150 and the MMX 100, is the inclusion of two microphones that are integrated into both earcups. With a simple switch within the headset, you can place MMX 150 into augmented mode. This means you’ll be able to hear ambient sounds through the built-in microphones, and the closed headset takes on an open-air character. It’s the best of both worlds, in a way.

Apart from that, the two headsets look like two peas in a puddle. Apart from the fact that we have an MMX 150 in a light gray color with black pads, the MMX 100 is all black. The controls in orange for volume and mic mute control are an issue of personal preference, but they aren’t noticeable in a negative light. In addition, Beyerdynamic has eliminated frills such as RGB lights or something similar.

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The craftsmanship is at an exceptionally high standard at the cost. Its base is a solid aluminum bracket, and the earcups connected to the forks of the frame are tiltable. This headband has enough flexibility to adapt to the head’s shape. We found only the edges of the temple slightly sharp, but not enough to cause injury to yourself (unless you’re really, seriously stupid).

The ear pads and the head are incredibly soft and encased with top-quality faux leather. The comfort and wear of the headphones, which weigh less than 300 grams, are fantastic; long sessions when wearing glasses will not be an issue. The cables are encased in a cloth material throughout the entire range. There’s one minor issue to be noted because of the high resonance in the earcups, and the looping of cables over clothing can be a little loud. It is, however, nearly impossible to avoid and can be amplified during gaming.

A microphone can also be detached, which is usually an issue even in high-quality headsets. But not with Beyerdynamic. The microphone known as META VOICE is a cardioid condenser microphone with a 9.9-millimeter capsule and performs admirably. Speech is transmitted exceptionally smoothly and with virtually no loss of vocal quality. Our chat partners verified high voice quality during the chat. We were 100% satisfied with our audio recordings. There’s no reason to be surprised … Beyerdynamic is well-suited to studio technology. Beyerdynamic is a well-known Heilbronn company that has also thought of pop protection composed of foam.

Let’s focus on the most important aspect, which is sound. Beyerdynamic uses the 40mm driver system with a frequency range from 5-30 Hz (standard games headsets are 20 to 20.000 Hz). The typical impedance is 32 ohms, which is suitable for console, PC, and mobile use. As for volume, the headsets are both within the moderate range.

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The sound that the 40mm drivers blast into your ears is the potential to be described as the reference class in the price segment. In the initial test we conducted using Spotify, we got the impression of listening to a higher-end headset. Even the smallest of details of high-hats or string sounds weren’t lost. The two models, MMX 100 and MMX 150, are equally convincing in movies and videos that have remarkably expansive, clear, and clear audio, and it even becomes an eye-opener when playing using Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic.

The balance between the two headsets is astonishing. The bass is powerful and precise without overpowering, stumbling, or playing over in the background. The trebles sound crystal clear and let you hear even the tiniest of details, and the mids are as impressive. It doesn’t matter if you play dialogue-driven gameplay, intense engine noises, or gunfire – both MMX headsets cut a stunning image. They never get mushy, and conversations with your comrades will be heard even in the most violent fights.

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