Become a rally ace with WRC6!

Keep on the right path!

A wide variety of game modes

Single player mode

  • The fast games provide you with the chance to try every track available within the game and take on the challenge in the seat of your favourite car while playing the driver you want to play.
  • A professional mode allows you to live the lifestyle of a rally driver. discover the challenges of the profession, develop through the various races and then win them, you will be able to obtain contracts and eventually become World Rally Championship World Champion!
  • The custom-designed championship allows you to design your own tournament and take part in the rally events according to the order of your preference.
  • This beginning mode allows you to learn about the WRC6 by launching straight into the initial Rally Italia Sardegna Special Stage.
  • Also, assess your driving abilities by taking this last single-player driver test. Finish the test within the shortest amount of time, while doing the most minimal amount of damage.

Multiplayer mode

  • It’s the offline multiplayer feature allows you to play in the hot seat with a companion, like you’re changing seats or battle your greatest rival on a shared screens.
  • There is an game mode online is a great way to join an online crowd or fight against other players from around the globe in fast game.
  • On Championship mode, you can beat the online records of other players in various races across the globe!
  • Get into the shakedown race if your previous games aren’t enough for you! Those who don’t have cold blood and want to take on these tracks, where only your jumps bring points.

Make sure you remain on the right track!

Following a handful of runs, you’ll be able to handle your vehicle even on the iciest trails! The game gives you the chance to utilize your Keyboard.

It is a connected joystick or wheel.

It’s your job to make your choice.

Be aware of off-track; a skid that isn’t controlled will land you in a bush quickly. In this case, beware of time penalties.

A small issue with this one It is not unusual to be handed an infringement and forced return to track after the turn that was too rough, especially when you’re taken off during the course! It’s like not being in control of your game any more (Driving into the crowd can result in a penalty of 12 seconds, and we wouldn’t advise driving through the group).

Be aware of the natural environment surrounding you. I’m referring specifically to forests ( even the thinnest) and will create a formidable wall as well as a tooth breaker for your car bumper ( and let’s not discuss the neck). Additionally, the physical damages on vehicles are a success and well-detailed.

Every impact triggered to the vehicle could cause a problem and, consequently, a question about your triumph! An important point to remember… be aware of the rules of the road!.

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