Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal Test

It’s great to know that Beoplay Portal also offers other connectivity options. It can be utilized with a notebook or PC by using the USB-C cable. In addition, the 1.25m long 3.5-millimeter jack cable is available for devices like the PlayStation Gamepad. There is also BlueTooth 5.1; this means the Beoplay is compatible with any device that can be connected to it. This is certainly worth mentioning. If you’re willing to shell out 500 euros for headphones, you shouldn’t need to keep a few sound systems circulating for other platforms.

But there’s a drawback, unlike others Xbox wireless headsets, which have BlueTooth capability, these two types of wireless connections can’t be used in tandem. B& O promotes this as an option to ensure that you won’t be distracted while playing; however, for us, it’s an obvious disadvantage as you’re not able to make a snap phone call while gaming, nor can you stream alternative music on your phone or tablet. This BlueTooth connection is used only for wireless gaming and allows use via an app. We’ll get to that in a minute before we look at the actual headset.

Beoplay Portal Beoplay Portal comes in 3 shades (Black/Anthracite, Navy Blue, and Grey Mist). The artistry is excellent, as are the materials employed. The main components include aluminum and textile fibers for the head cushion and lambskin for the soft, thick ears. The head adjustment is precise. The ears can be rotated in conjunction with the pads. The very light weight of only 282 grams provides a highly comfortable experience even for people wearing glasses. The optical design is subtle, and you can wear your Beoplay Portal outside without causing a chuckle. There’s nothing to complain about in this area.

The battery’s life is listed as being up to 12 hours when using Xbox wireless mode. It was a figure that wasn’t achieved in our experience but depends on volume, etc. If you are in BlueTooth mode, battery life is listed at up to 24 hours. These are acceptable rates, but they are not average. Some players can last the 20-hour mark when in Xbox mode. Charging with this 1.8m length USB-C cord can take approximately three hours. Additional use is also possible in this period.

The interface is odd initially. It is a result that it is arranged so that you can access ports and controls and ports, but also because many sliders and touch surfaces are employed and have distinct functions based on the device’s use—BlueTooth as well as Xbox Wireless. But, once you’ve gotten comfortable with it, or utilize the free Bang& Olufsen application that’s available on iOS or Android.
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Therefore, the sides serve as touch surfaces to facilitate muting the microphone and operation using BlueTooth. On the left are the Xbox pairing button and sliders for balance in-game chat or ANC, which you can assign using the apps. On the right side, you’ll see the BlueTooth pairing button, the power button, and a slider to adjust the volume. Initially, you might alter the sliders while putting them in or out, but you will get familiar with them quickly and not get the sliders in your grasp. The ports are located on the right side of the ear cup, which is quite unusual.

For those who prefer physical interaction, there’s a free application that offers an array of alternatives as long as it’s properly connected, as we may have issues with the identification of the headset. This can only be solved by restarting the headset and app or perhaps using the BlueTooth connection. This isn’t a significant issue. However, we could do better than that.

The app provides a wide range of options. You can also utilize every physical control feature such as volume, ANC, or game chat balances in the app. There is also a variety of well-designed presets and a five-band equalizer that allows you to alter the settings. You can toggle to Xbox Wireless and BlueTooth, and you can also use the BlueTooth controls. Additionally, there are firmware updates and an indicator of the charge level. Overall, it’s excellent and obvious.

There isn’t any microphone arm. In lieu, Bang & Olufsen relies on microphones built into earcups, which are designed to emulate an arm-like microphone with the ability to direct, so to speak. But this only works poorly and is unsuitable for people who frequently use voice chat. Some of our fellow chatters would tell us that they could only hear us extremely quietly and that our voices sounded hollow, as if we were far from the speaker. Therefore, microphone listening, i.e., hearing your voice, is extremely quiet when you enable it. Unfortunately, bang & Olufsen falls into the same trap as other headset manufacturers that give too little weight to the microphone.
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This time, Bang & Olufsen seems to be more focused on style than functionality which is a shame. It’s also not an excellent choice for a gaming headset due to the increasing popularity of co-op and multiplayer games. If you’re using vocal chat frequently and you’d be better off using a less expensive option like those offered by Razer Kaira or SteelSeries Arctis 9X, which provide superior microphones and won’t cost you Xbox Wireless and BlueTooth – however, they do offer the possibility of using them in parallel.

Inside this Beoplay Portal relies on 40-millimeter drivers that have an amplitude between 20 and 22,000 Hz, and the impedance is 24 Ohms with low volume. We love the sound great. The sound is exceptionally balanced and strong. The bass is relatively quiet and doesn’t rumble in any way, and the trebles are crisp and full of detail. The mids also impress, even though we’d prefer some more volume in the lower mid-range. The sound quality is relatively “soft,” which could make it a bit violent or aggressive, but that’s obviously a matter of personal preference. With the five-band equalizer, it can be done.

The benefit of a neutral mix has been that Beoplay Portal does a good job when playing games, as well as videos, music, and films. The sound quality isn’t as comprehensive as headsets with open ports, and, in particular, with Dolby Atmos and directional vision, it is not a problem. The sound quality pretty much eliminates all the noise with lower-end headsets. Most of the time, more expensive wired headsets such as the Beyerdynamic MMX300 and other Sennheiser models are able to keep up. Maybe the similar-equipped Audeze Penrose with its planar drivers, which we haven’t had the chance to test yet, so we do not have any direct comparison. Overall we were pretty content with the sound throughout the various aspects of its use. In the end, we thought the cost of 499 Euros excessive for the features Beoplay Portal offers. Beoplay Portal offers and can accomplish.

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