Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – Tips for Beginners

While Baldur’s Gate 3 is only available with early access it’s missing many features. These tips will assist you if you’re not familiar with the genre and wish to get all you can from the game.


  • 1 Loot gathering
  • 2 Attention
  • 3 Control of the fight
  • 4 Companions
  • 5 High position
  • 6 Illumination
  • 7 Environmental destruction
  • 8 Bonus actions
  • 9 dice rolls
  • 10 Save more frequently

Loot collection

It can be tedious at times, but you need to find all possible loot you can find – provided you don’t end up being caught with stolen items. Most of the loot you see is a waste of time; however, you occasionally find scrolls, potions, or even weapons. The most valuable thing you can come across is keys. Even if you’re not an adept thief or burglar, keys are the best method of accessing secret areas that are filled with fascinating tales and stories.

The only exception is vase. The majority of them are empty however, if you’re not willing to spend the time or are an overachiever, you might find something.

Warnings: If you find an entrance hidden but you aren’t able to find the lever, you can try moving the crates around to see if it’s concealed behind the crates.

Be careful

Numerous traps and other objects scattered across the map can be valuable to locate. So before you open that intriguing sarcophagus, stroll around the room to observe what could be possible to gain access from an opening. If possible, you should remove or stop traps. Like Divinity, placing items above the trapdoors will stop the surprises from spraying their content.

Alongside traps, a few observant adventurers may stumble upon secret passageways and rooms. Be alert for valuable loot inside these caves.

Battle Management

Combat is limited to actions per turn, and it may be costly to treat. The inherent effects are not as powerful compared with Divinity Original Sin here. However, the diversity of shelters is essential to survival. It’s a great option to spend your time before the start of the fight.

Magic can create blinding fire and hazardous surfaces such as ice and acid. Archers can also achieve similar effects if they can find the right archers. The most effective way to get an edge is to block your opponent from coming close to or looking at you, no matter what you do.


There are five satellites. However, you can only have three satellites at a time. You must find the optimal balance Larian has created several battles to maximize the possibilities for diversification.

The one thing we would recommend keeping around every time you go out is Shadowheart. Her healing spells can make your life easier. Also, she offers good trading prices and the ability to carry lots of weight, meaning you could use her as a “pack” persona.

High Position

Attacks from a distance benefit immensely when you’re in the position of having an advantage. In this instance, the elevated position refers to. If you’re located over the target, you will get an enormous advantage to the chances of success. The majority of battlefields that are likely to be fought on have elevations.

However, keep in your mind that artificial intelligence may be trying to profit from these opportunities, so you must be the first to take them or risk death from archers that shoot in the sky, which are difficult to take out. It will take longer to take on the most stubborn opponent if you win.


Without light, you won’t see. It’s logical, isn’t it? The Baldur’s gate 3 means a lower chance of a successful attack. If you’re not intending to be playing a particular character, we recommend selecting an opponent with better night vision.

Some spells let you see through the darkness or in the illuminated areas of maps. However, they’ll need to use slots to cast them, so it’s going to be a compromise. In any case, you’ll need to fight a lot in dungeons, and it’s ideal to be ready.

Destroy Environment

We’ll be careful not to give spoilers, so we’ll mention that in specific areas in which you’ll fight, there are areas that can be destroyed by terrain that can cause injury to your friends and enemies alike. One prominent example is barrels. Avoiding these in combat is advised, but smaller, less apparent objects are also. By Larian, If you are concerned that something could be falling, it will probably, and you should keep your eyes on it.

Additionally, there’s an additional trick to barrels that allows you to pick them up and move around, and put them where you need to create yourself your very own traps. Water barrels help create a frozen field, barrels of oil aid in flooding the battlefield with fire, and explosive barrels provide a massive “boom.” Each barrel weighs less than 10 units, which means you can carry a lot for significant battles, which would otherwise be a challenge.

Bonus Actions

Each turn, a player can move and perform one action and one bonus. Often, the bonus action is lost in a rush to continue. This is a fatal error – frequently, the reward can be extremely beneficial.

As an additional action, you could use a potion to jump, hide, push the enemy away or submerge your weapon in a liquid such as acid or fire to take on additional damage from the element. This means that there are a variety of options. For instance, you could climb up a hill or get cover after firing with jumping. In melee combat, fighters are removed to knock them down before launching their attack.

Dice rolls

The majority of the outcomes from your choices are affected by dice rolls which can be both bad and beneficial in equal measures. Some spells can increase your chances of success and lower the odds of your opponents; however, this information is more focused on dice rolls.

When talking to NPCs, You will usually be offered various options. If their outcome depends on the roll outcome, the attributes will be scrutinized as you hover over the character. Therefore, choose options that your character has a strong background in instead of choices that will make you “want” to make. This will decrease the number of points you have to roll to create success.

Save more frequently

Don’t forget the key 5! The game’s in the early stages of development and contains several bugs. Quick saves will stop the loss of all your progress.

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