Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – How to turn on the generator and activate the elevator in the Magic Tower

The underworld of Baldur’s Gate 3 is much more than an area of shadows and awe-inspiring beauty. Its Tower of Enchantment located there will delight adventurers looking to discover a lot of mystery.

Magic Tower Magic Tower can be found east and south to Underground Beach. At the entrance, you’ll find an elevator that appears to not function. However, it’s a highly convenient method to travel across the tower’s various levels, and you’ll likely want to turn it on. To activate it, you’ll need to go to the generator on the lower floor and switch it on.

Magic Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3: Magic Tower is located in Baldur’s Gate 3

To reach the lowest level in the Magic Tower, you’ll need to climb on the mushroom outside. If your camera’s angle originates from the east, go towards the south balcony, then look towards the right.

You’ll be able to see the blue mushroom, and you can leap across to an open balcony, then to the bottom. Once you’re there and spin your camera, you’ll be able to see the entrance to the tower.

Its Easy Drop spell makes it easier to get to the bottom within the Magic Tower without taking damage. If you do not have one, you should send the character that has the most health, as you’ll suffer damage when you fall.

The entrance to Magic Tower will be locked. Magic Tower will be locked. Should your protagonist not be an expert burglar, there’s nothing to fret – you’ll be able to take it down by using the help of a weapon. Before you enter, however, take a look behind, and you’ll see a grove with blue flowers lying on the ground.

It is vital to look back The flower is required to start the generator. Begin by bringing it inside. Explore the area until you come across the generator that you can play with.

Place the flower into an empty interface slot, press the merge button, and take a couple of minutes. Then, you will be shown an animated clip that shows the results of your actions. Lastly, the elevator will start working afterward. Two buttons located near the elevator’s entrance will allow you to select the direction of travel – either upwards or down. This will enable you to travel more easily.

If you’re having difficulty getting across Baldur’s Gate 3 check out through our guides for other options.

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