Baldur’s Gate 3 Guide – How Many Companions in a Squad

What other characters are you able to take in your journey into The Forgotten Realms? The size of your party is an essential factor in Baldur’s gate 3. It’s a significant factor that affects the game’s enjoyment in general. A considerable restriction makes it necessary to determine the best combination of classes to suit your playing style within a specific frame.

Size of the party in Baldur’s gate 3

In addition to what I’ve already mentioned that the size of the party within Baldur’s gate 3 is the one that determines the characters’ storylines during the initial playthrough will be the most detrimental to you. At the moment, the first-access version of Baldur’s Gate 3 has a maximum size for a party of 4 characters. This means that you can take three or more companions on your adventure.

This is smaller than previous editions, which had six characters. However, it’s essential to keep on your toes that the game will become much easier when you have a smaller party size. This also allows for repeated playthroughs with different characters and various ideas as you go. There’s also the chance that, if (or if) mod support is added to games, the maximal group size of the game could be raised by modders.

If you need help in the game, take the time to look through the other guidebooks for Baldur’s Gate 3 guides.

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