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A decade more than a decade later, Turtle Rock has once again separated from Valve. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to end the previous chapter. Phil Robb, creative director and co-founder of the studio, created loose ideas for the 3rd Left 4 Dead installment into tangible concepts and persuaded his team to go up against Valve even without the recognizable brand name. This is how Back 4 Blood was born.

Tick, Tick, Boom!

The jukebox in the front of us blasts the room with the loud voice of Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist. We are loved by all rock fans as the singer who leads the Hives. The first time she sings, the hordes of zombies of all sorts descend on the fancy restaurant that we are forced to fight against Holly, Walker, Evangelo, and Mom. Tick, tick, boom! As in the track by the Swedish rock group, We let it loose in time to beats, slash through the dead, throw ticking pipe bombs, and revel in fun until the final guitar riff, the final flat line of our band, and sometimes the final cartridge.

It’s about that Left 4 Dead nostalgia that gamers of the past were forced to ignore for many years. But, let’s face it, the reality, the fact that Back 4 Blood looks like an improved rendition from Left 4 Dead 2, and it also feels like a modernized version about gameplay, does not cause us any discomfort to the least. It is finally possible to explore the undead traditionally. Four of us blast our way through stunning tubular levels filled with explosive tanks, constantly moving from the safe house to the safe. The music is an edgy soundtrack and the setting of a horror movie that was popular in the 1980s.

The core of the game is the co-op adventure for four players: Along with three other Cleaners – the game’s legendary characters – we fight and shoot through small-town America with its streets lined with diners, supermarkets, and roads that are too wide with carts that are broken down. On the way, we fight plague herds of Ridden (the name of the zombies of Back 4 Blood) or fight with mutated monsters such as Tallboy, the Tallboy, or the large Reeker, which explodes with green grits, reminiscent of boomers from Left 4 Dead.

Cards Against Zombies

Those who have played and loved this particular game from childhood are the last kind. For younger players who weren’t raised playing Left 4 Dead, the game’s concept may appear outdated today. Nearly every online game has co-op for four players or more; take Borderlands, for instance. The zombies are also present on Call of Duty, and If you’re looking for linear levels, you could switch towards Outriders and Gears of War without hesitation. To get young players to develop the bug for zombies, it is essential to innovate!

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Although amazingly fluid, uncompromising, or harsh, Back 4 Blood may be that there are no significant innovations in the game of a zombie across several areas. However, the game’s formula can still provide some enjoyable hours because the gameplay is as great as its predecessors, and everything functions flawlessly on the technical level. However, Back 4 Blood runs out of steam after the final of the four parts or when playing multiple times with various difficulty levels. The sections are too similar, and the game mechanics such as “press switch and the horde will arrive” are easily repeated.

The new deckbuilding can breathe new life into the idea. Before the game’s start, we’re allowed to create a deck comprising fifteen cards that influence our play style, such as Perks. As the game grows, more and more cards are pulled off the deck resulting in permanent melee damage or a quicker reload time, for instance.

If we’re skilled in deck building, we can mold not just our playstyle but also the collective’s gameplay with the help of strong cards. With more than 150 cards, playing anything from a stick-wielding melee warrior to aa shotgun is possible. This gives you a wide choice and makes all of the numerous weapons, as well as their accessories and upgrades, in fact playable. It’s a significant improvement over the previous versions, which had ineffective weapons. In terms of tactically, there are more options than Left 4 Dead was able to provide in the past.

The players’ cards are countered with the so-called spoiler cards the game gives us at the beginning of each section. They can alter the weather to our advantage. For instance, they can do this by causing fog over the game’s world. They also can summon horrible hunks of flesh, like the zombie Ogre. After about ten or 12 hours of playing, the spoiler cards dramatically stack to the already tricky level (already at the moderate “Veteran” difficulty level). The difficulty levels aren’t necessarily balanced because randomness determines what Corruption cards will appear before the game begins. In this regard, Left 4 Dead was somewhat more secure.

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In addition to the maps, it is an absence of originality or gameplay differences between Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. We have to be wary not to shoot cars parked in the parking lot and then accidentally trigger alarms. Cleaners should also be careful of Crows as it brings the horde to the scene. Start generators and blow up pathways, and remove pest nests – – we’ve seen repeatedly before. The most innovative and enjoyable missions, such as that defense against the eatery mentioned in the opening, must be carried out more frequently with Back 4 Blood. And even the brief levels of the four actions wouldn’t be a problem.

The story and multiplayer are something more

If you want to experience Back 4 Blood alone with bots, it’s an experience that is bumpy. The cleaning robots’ AI cannot be described since they tend to stand in the way of going after zombies. This is why bosses and zombies with mutated bodies can be a daunting task. This can force you to begin some sections in the beginning.

To at least be able to follow the storyline, the story must be played repeatedly – each time with one or eight of them. Since they present the history of zombies from their point of view, they are accompanied by some highly effective cuts. But, not many are likely to live all that long. This is particularly frustrating because the stories behind Holly, Mom, and co. are well-written.

Back 4 Blood regrettably lacks the original Versus campaign mode in its predecessors. In those games, players could wrestle each other around in the role of cleaners or the midst of zombies in the game. While the swarm mode is still available as an option, it’s only the four-on-four game on small maps, which only entertains players for only a couple of rounds. The most popular Scavenge, along with Survival from Left 4 Dead 2, was removed entirely and made the player’s heart break a little. There is a chance to see if Turtle Rock will deliver some of the older modes via patches or DLC as a way to provide longer-term motivation could be offered.

Back 4 Blood is available starting October 12 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 and 5. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass included.

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