Back 4 Blood Beta Test Impressions – For want of more Review

Back 4 Blood consists almost all of the decisions of the past decade and is in many ways, it is similar in some ways to Left 4 Dead excessively, in others, not enough. We present our first impressions from the test-beta version for Turtle Rock Studios’ new zombie shooter with a short glimpse.

  • Producer: Turtle Rock Studios
  • Publisher: Warner Bros. Games
  • Date of release: October 12, 2021

Do Turtle Rock Studios need an introduction? Many will claim that they’re the makers of the well-known and unrivaled Left 4 Dead dilogy, and they’re right. Some will recall their previous project, Evolve, sank to the ground with a massive sound, was raised, only to collapse again, and was dead. Unfortunately, they, too, have failed to meet the criteria.

I have very positive memories of this studio. When it was not controlled by Valve at the time but later came under the wing of Gabe Newell and then went independently and again, it developed the game that, to my old friends and me, was something of an icon of the early days of PC gaming.

Even when the highly talked about, highly promising Evolve in the early days started to fall rapidly on the charts, I was awed by Turtle Rock’s work, even having acknowledged that the game wasn’t perfect. However, failures aren’t limited to those who don’t do anything even once, and Evolve was simply too risky an idea.

The impressions I received after a couple of days of trying Back 4 Blood are settling in my mind. I am convinced that, since then, Turtle Rock Studios has decided to stay clear of experimentation in every way. This, in turn, has significantly diminished their potential as an innovator with strong personalities.

You’ve played Left 4 Dead, right? At the very least, you’ve read a few uplifting reviews of the game. We’ve played indoors and outdoors, enjoying the cooperative gameplay and Asymmetrical PVP mode where certain players managed to survive while the rest became a target for the so-called bosses and spoilt the players everywhere.

It wasn’t just fun but also interesting and addictive, making Left 4 Dead’s linear gameplay extremely playable. Whatever effort copycats have put into, and no matter how hard they try to enthrall us, we know what an actual zombie shooter with multiplayer playthrough should appear like.

Turtle Rock Studios didn’t try to copy but created the game from scratch, inspired by an older game. In terms of ideology, naturally, since that franchise’s rights were held by Valve and the owner of Back 4 Blood is Warner Bros. However, their concept of what the new edition is of Left 4 Dead should be is different from what was expected by sure fans, as the writer for this piece.

In a way, they do not intend to create a remake. Instead, they are creating an update. However, after Capcom revealed the way they modified this game. We’d like to have an update not only making the graphics better but also updating everything in the game.
Back 4 Blood uses the same mechanics as we enjoyed experiencing In Left 4 Dead. Four heroes travel through lovely corridor levels from checkpoint to checkpoint, look out for each other’s backs as they take coins from nowhere, and eliminate the hordes of demons.

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On the other hand, the game gives its players tasks that require their cooperation occasionally and with remarkable frequency, attracting the attention of an insatiable crowd to the weak and in need of help. Heroes tend to heal and revive their fellow players, offer aid in times of need, and are constantly causing harm to one another as friendly fire is always a crucial element of gameplay. The bottom line is that everything is based on the well-known formula; however, it doesn’t sever the player’s eye with a dated image. But, Turtle Rock still dared to come up with some innovative ideas.
My personal preference is that the most efficient of them can be the stamina counter. Players can no longer go around in circles and endlessly use baseball bats. The game comes with a brand new mod to be reckoned with that penalizes single reckless players during PVE-campaigns and allows more room for teams of monsters playing PVP mode.

The developers have also added a hub to the game. A sort of average survival camp, the models you’ve seen on TV shows or feature films. Or other zombie apocalypse-related games. The fascinating part of this is shooting that offers the most extensive arsenal of the vast array of weapons. In this way, Back 4 Blood surpasses its predecessor by two heads.

The shooting feels fantastic, and the weapons can be altered, just like in Apex Legends. You will also find mods of various levels of quality. Additionally, a convenient pop-up window lets you determine quickly what’s better than the present item. There is a huge incentive for players to search the area to find treasure. However, there are nuances.

Every hero now has an inventory of which they can discard ammunition to friends or give them coins to shop, but here’s why it’s not possible to get rid of the modifications installed on the weapon. Have you ever had to fight off a crowd of zombies running close to you in a matter of inches with a PP equipped with a dual-sight?
With no special modifications, all weapons included in Back 4 Blood are already extremely slow to cock, and scope such as this could be a sentence in a crucial moment. So in the end, instead of rushing to grab the superior weapon (according to the table that pops up) performance, players need to take their time looking at the mods and occasionally, even decline the gun of their choice.

Another development that has caused the greatest concern among Left 4 Dead fans is the system of cards. Today, fighters do not just have their unique abilities. However, they also use special decks for PVP and PVE games. With the aid in the form of cards, the team can gradually gain positive effects, for instance, an increase in endurance or damage.

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There are plenty of cards to choose from in Back 4 Blood, and the clever account advancement system is built on the ability to get these cards. My personal opinion is that the choice was in a debate. On the one hand, mods can seriously impact the game. On the contrary, the majority of us were here to kill zombies and have fun, not play with cards. I think they would be more precise customization of the heroes, and the system of cards is dependent on random.

The monsters ought to be tackled with more energy. The bosses are a bit sad. They aren’t dangerous nor fascinating, and the people who are possessed look ugly thanks to the bizarre animations and identical models. Turtle Rock should understand that zombies can be a fat guy, an older woman, a young man wearing a suit, and many more. Particularly in a game set in 2021.

The issue with hitboxes could be avoided, as it’s a test. But zombies appear from nowhere and frequently in front of players, particularly in areas which they are not and cannot be left unnoticed. In my opinion, it’s offensive and unacceptable in the current game.

Back 4 Blood is already quite well-optimized. It is an excellent game on weaker and powerful platforms and runs great on Xbox Series. Crossplay is perfect, and the in-game voice chat is fantastic as well. Options are flexible, and the game also includes HDR.

I’m left with two thoughts about the work of Turtle Rock. First, some things that seemed fitting for a game from 2008 now need a thorough rethink. With such a stunning image, developers must be thinking about the different types of enemies and bosses, paying more careful attention to the damage models of monsters, and maybe creating more exciting challenges for players to play through the campaign.

However, it’s not yet time to make a definitive decision. I’d like to bet that in the next episode, we’ll see something similar to the level of madness at the amusement park. have a well-planned development and balanced complexity, and the zombies will cease spawning in the shadows of players.

At the moment, Back 4 Blood looks to be the most suitable option for players who don’t have an individual first introduction to Left 4 Dead dylogy. For those who have played that series, this might seem like a little bit of a snub. However, if you don’t have any other games, you must consider a closer look at this game.

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