Aztech Forgotten Gods A Cyber Stone Age Adventure Will Be Released On March 10

If a different location is important to you and you are looking for a unique setting, look into Aztech Forgotten Gods. Aztech Forgotten Gods adventure, set at the cyber Stone Age.

The main character will be an Aztec girl called Acholi. She fights against the Forgotten Gods, turning their power against them, and unravels the mystery of a Mesoamerican city in the distant future.

The game was developed through Lienzo The studio behind the release of Mulaka.

Entertainment features include:

  • Freedom of movement in all directions.
  • Explore a modern Aztec city with a long culture, where modern technology is paired with ancient customs.
  • The great bosses are reminiscent of Gods from Aztec mythology. Aztec pantheon.

Aztech Forgotten Gods will release on March 10, PC (Steam, Epic Games Store), PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Translation of text to Russian has been announced.

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