Audeze Penrose X Test

The box that houses the $300 headset initially creates a primary impression and does not differ much from similar Xbox headsets. The moderately heavy (320 grams) headset cannot look distinctive. However, you will quickly sense that the work is high-end. There’s plenty of plastic. However, this Audeze Penrose X does not appear cheap. There is no rumbling, and nothing shakes.

The style is traditional, with an ear cup that rotates to the headband. They come to appear quite heavy. The cushions aren’t the most luxurious; however, they’re soft, while the fake leather cover looks very classy. However, the Penrose X is not exactly comfy when first putting it on. Although the weight is taken in effectively, the pressure on the lateral side isn’t completely free of problems. It can take some time until the headset is in shape. But, you will find that Penrose X is not the most comfortable headset, even if it is. Anyone who can spend the entire night wearing the headset at the console is unlikely to be satisfied with the headset.

The Penrose X proves to be highly adaptable in its usage. A USB dongle equipped with an on/off switch can be wirelessly used on PCs and all Xbox consoles. The operation via the USB-C-to A charging cable can also be feasible. Additionally, the headset comes with a 3.5-millimeter jack and BlueTooth 5.0. It is on almost every platform. Unfortunately, it’s based on a dongle and doesn’t support Xbox Wireless. In addition, 2.4 wireless and Bluetooth can be used in conjunction. It is an excellent option for games that cross-play, such as when you’d like to utilize Discord on a tablet or smartphone to chat.

The controls and connections are found on the left side of the cup. On the exterior, you’ll find the power and microphone buttons. In addition, there are controls for volume and microphone on the earcup, and the latter can be used for a game chat balance controller with one click. There’s also a port to connect the detachable microphone and an option button that allows wireless connectivity, BlueTooth Aux, and pairing. With the aid of a Windows or mobile application, you can create more settings, but the program isn’t very user-friendly and could be improved.

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In terms of battery life and capacity in terms of battery life and range, the Audeze Penrose, however, doesn’t break any new records. The battery life of 15 hours is impressive considering it has three hours of charge time. The wireless range is 7 to 9 meters, but we’ve seen much more. It’s not going to much harm, as long that your refrigerator is located a little further away. You’ll have to place it on the frame to get drinks.

It is even more irritating that the microphone doesn’t truly reflect the cost of the device. It is essential to clarify the phrase “broadcast-quality microphone” as an exaggeration. The microphone serves its function in chats with voice and even comes with pop protection; however, the muffled yet well-understandable voice communication has nothing to do with the broadcast quality. We also heard occasional “crackles” from fellow gamers. However, it’s far superior to the much higher-priced Bang& Olufsen solution that has an integrated microphone instead of a boom for the microphone.

This is an almost good mid-range headset at this point. However, the impression shifts quickly once you install the Audeze Penrose X. Audeze relies on planar technology, with 100-millimeter drivers, which already impressed us with its Mobius. In addition, the band of frequencies ranges from 10 to 50,000 Hz, which is way beyond the typical 20 to 20,000 Hz standard of traditional gaming headsets.

The sound quality of this Audeze Penrose X is simply an absolute delight for gamers and is virtually unmatched. The sound is crystal clear, distinct, and full of detail that while playing, you’ll discover a whole new world of subtleties even in games you’re used to and played hundreds of times. The spatial effect is stunning. Despite the acceptable level of detail, it’s not a problem to discern how the sound source is directed. Source of the sound. Despite the subtleties, Penrose X is a sonic beast. Penrose X still has a vast, clear sound which is why even roaring engines, blasts, or bullets are delivered to the ear by a decent sound.
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The sound quality that comes with Penrose X’s gaming sound Penrose X is simply world quality and puts nearly everything else in the shade. Most high-end systems that include headsets such as MMX 300, audio headphones, or an extra sound card will keep up. Additionally, superb balance can also earn points. Audeze doesn’t make the mistake of placing excessive emphasis on the low tones and instead keeps a fairly neutral mix. This gives the advantage that the great planar drivers are also able to keep up when it comes to movies and music. If not for these silly flimsy issues, such as the comfort of wearing a microphone and a comfortable one, this could be a perfect headset.

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