Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Secrets and Passcards

Secrets are an integral component of many video games including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is not an exception to this. There are a lot of hidden secrets within the vast world of this latest installment of the franchise that revolves around an elite band of assassins.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise has always delighted players with a variety of pass-holes. The most notable is the reality that the action in every game is set in a world that is open and the player is able to play for hours in the virtual landscape. Every world is perfect place to conceal several clues and references to pop culture, which is what the creators have been doing successfully throughout the entire series.

Let’s look at what kinds of chapters you’ll be able to and should discover inside Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.


  • 1 Death Stranding
  • 2 Fantastic Beasts
  • 3 Rapunzel
  • 4 Dunwich Horror
  • 5. Ring of Power
  • 6 Coronavirus
  • 7 Hobbiton
  • 9. The Bonfire of Dark Souls
  • 10 Desmond Miles

Death Stranding

The most recent game released by Hideo Kojima called Death Stranding – was a odd, but in its own way , beautiful creation of his genius. Although many were not happy with the aspect of gameplay, this game was a simulation of letters it has garnered many people’s attention and will never be lost in the dust.

In the village Avor is in charge of Avor is frequently called upon to complete a task. The shop’s owner must make errands in order to deliver packages. Each of them are heavy and must be carried long and on only two feet. This could be a reference to Kojima’s game as well as the bizarre things it requires players to perform.

Fantastic Creatures

There aren’t all passages that are fortunate enough to be complex – others are just an amusing play on words that is hidden within the descriptions of an adventure, side task or reward.

The story of Ravensthorpe, Avor can take an adventure to locate 11 pages that are missing of the book. should you be able to locate the missing pages and then return them to him, you’ll be able to purchase”Fantastic Fish “Fantastic fish as well as Where They Live” guide as an incentive. This is a clear connection to a brand novel spin-off to the Harry Potter franchise called “Fantastic Beasts and Where They live.”


Rapunzel isn’t the most well-known Disney princess It’s due to her animated feature with the same title that she’s finally gotten the amount of followers she deserves. It’s because the concept of a princess locked in a tower has been around in fantasy literature for a long time, but only a handful of people have managed to apply it in a unique and original method.

When they saw AC: Valhalla, they made an absurd joke about it. In the vicinity of the ruinous town of Venonius located in Ledechestershire there is the tower in which an elderly woman begs for assistance. If you can defeat the guard in the area next to the tower the woman will tell you why she is locked in the tower.

Dunwich Terror

Howard Lovecraft is one of the most influential creators of horror. His work was a major contributor to the rise of this sub-genre, which describes the gradual descent of the hero’s character into insaneness. The work is mentioned is found in the game.

In a prison cell that is secretly locked in Dunwick there is a note that is found in which the man discusses his journey into the madness. The letter mentions that he started hearing the sound of talking spiders. the book by Lovecraft Dunwich Terror just describes a spider-like creature. The similarity with the titles of places reveal that this is not simply a coincidence.

Ring of Power

There are a number of mentions of the Lord of the Rings in AC: Valhalla, one of which we’ll discuss in the future. However, for now, let’s look at the one from the house that is locked located in West Gloucestershire. When you’ve got keys to your front entryway (Odin’s Eye can be useful for this) and you enter the house you’ll find an entry that mentions someone who appears to be Bilbo Baggins. There’s even an attractive gold ring that has an iconic shape on it, but it’s impossible to take it off which could be a good thing but.


Since the announcement of AC: Valhalla took place just after the entire world been introduced to the term “COVID-19” So it’s no surprise that the wording of this virus came in the games. However, you shouldn’t be able to see it in the game while playing as Avor since, in all likelihood, it isn’t a good idea. If you go through the portion of the game which is set in contemporary times on the main character’s laptop, you’ll find emails with numerous references as well as letters that mention Coronavirus as a pandemic.


The world of video games has a lot of skilled gamers who love fantasy worlds, no matter if it’s sci-fi, high fantasy, or any other. It’s no surprise that lots of high-budget, big games have mysterious reference towards or from the Alien and Lord of the Rings universe as well as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is one of them, as well.

The west in the city of Gloucester located in Gloucestershire close to the river, a further Tolkien universe source is located in a quiet, cozy place that is similar to Hobbiton, Sam and Frodo’s home.

Tyrion’s Celestial Chamber

Even though those times of Game of Thrones’ runaway popularity are over The books and the show will continue to be remembered and adored. The creators of AC: Valhalla were not disinterested in this world and chose to immortalize a significant moment from the autobiography of Tyrion Lannister, who is loved by lots of people.

Within Dunwick Fortress, in eastern England In the Dunwick Fortress in eastern England, you will find an unwalled cell like the one in which Tyrion was detained in the past. The note also contains the line that the character said in the show. As you can see by the bloodstains that were left on the floors, it appears the version of this charismatic dwarf had never ever waited for his release.

Perhaps the aggressive bloodthirsty birds that live there are the culprits. Another reference is the time in The Legend of Zelda series and the feathery chickens were known to actively attack the player, armed with their entire brood, if the player chose to test their fighting skills with one.

Dark Souls Bonfire: Dark Souls Bonfire

The Dark Souls trilogy from FromSoftware has been so well-loved that for many people the players, these two words are the first reference to the term “hardcore.” In the case of popular games it’s also a reference in other games, like AC: Valhalla, where there’s a familiar fire.

There are those who believe that the reference to a campfire is already a clichéd motif and that there’s nothing new in this, but the creators at least attempted to make the area feel scary. If you’d like to witness the bonfire in person visit Ledecheshire and see the ruins of an old structure east of the letters which indicate the region’s name in the topographic map.

Desmond Miles

If you are asking Assassin’s Creed fans how they think about splitting the game the story into both the past and the present, they’ll get different opinions. Some feel that the segments in which the action occurs in present-day times are inconvenient and unbalanced, while others in the opposite, find these segments crucial for the purpose of revealing the game’s history.

In the midst of the main characters from the recent time of the Assassin Brotherhood, Desmond Miles is possibly the most loved by the fans, all due to his ties to Ezzio who was the most notable assassin from the series. AC: Valhalla’s contemporary character Layla’s laptop holds recorded audio of Miles his voice. It’s not a huge secret, but at same time a type of a return for Desmond back to the show.

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