Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide – Where to Find the Yellow Drakkar

The quest within the “Song of Soma” quest line aims to locate a drakkar that has been painted yellow. We’ll let you know the exact location.

The yellow drakkar is a crucial clue to help identify the traitor within Soma’s camp. If you’re interested in knowing instantly who the villain is from the game, head to the guide for that.

If you’re looking to discover the truth for yourself, Here’s a suggestion on a clue:

Discover the hidden tunnel close to Grentebridge The secret tunnel is located near Grentebridge, where Avor may find evidence in yellow color. Follow these (use Odin’s vision for ease). Once you get to the river, make a right and follow the moors.

Take a walk between the islands, moving north from the city until you come across an abandoned bandit camp. It’s known as Soham Asylum. It’s quite a distance from Grentebridge and is where the Drakkar is located. Find out the most important information about the hunt.

Now , it’s your turn and try to not accuse the innocent person!

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