Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide – Where to Find the Unseen

In Assassin’s creed Valhalla you will encounter the Unseen in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which are basically the forerunner to the Assassins. They will offer you a mission to discover the codex’s pages and the reward for your success will include new equipment and weapons. The place to look is at the headquarters that are located in Unseen.


  • 1 Ledecheshire
  • 2 Yorkshire
  • 3 Oxenfordshire
  • 4 Essex
  • 5 Gloucestershire
  • 6 Hamptonshire


Head to the northeastern portion of Ledechester, then follow the yellow marker for armor. If you spot the Assassin’s Creed logo, you’re there. Take a look around with the help of the raven. Within the castle’s ruins close by, you’ll see an unhanging load. Use your bow to open the door. Inside, you’ll discover offices of the Unseen as well as a note and a copy of the codex and gloves.


Visit Yorwick and check out the small cemetery located southeast in the back of the theater. You will find an area with a hard floor. Use your bow, leap off, and then swim towards to destroy it. After that, you can punch a hole into the wall and then swim to the left. This challenging platforming game requires you to do a lot of jumping and make sure you don’t fall in the water. The game will take one to your office, where you’ll discover a piece of armor as well as a new copy of the codex, as well as a note.


Visit Lunden, the capital of Lunden. On the northeastern side, you’ll notice columns with quirky semi-circular walls. You can jump into the ocean, go towards the wooden door, smash it up and blow up oil bottles to move further. Once you have entered the opening, you’ll find yourself inside a shelter, with a codex and a helmet await.


Explore this town called Colchester. In the southwest region of the city, you’ll find the famous assassin’s mark. You must now find an oil bottle then climb up the tree that is near the sign, then walk along the tree until you reach the wooden platform, and then throw the bottle on the floor that is crumbling, after which you can enter the hole that has formed and proceed into the offices of the Unseen. There is another section in the Codex, an object of equipment and new notes.


The second office is situated in the southwest of the region, near the west from the forests. You’ll find an assassin’s mark in this office that leads to the main entrance. This is the place you’ll want to go. But, first, you’ll have to navigate the underground dungeon, eliminating the gas traps by shooting archery shots. You’ll eventually find a safe home with equipment and other items.


The final office in the Unseen is located in The town of Winchester. Take a walk to the west in the city, and look for a collection of statues. Unfortunately, there’s a gap in the ground directly next to them. Go down there, across the cracked grate, find the obstruction blocking the door, and then move it. Return to the entry point, grab the oil bottle, walk through the door, and blast the weakened wall. Then, behind the new passageway, there is a cave that houses the equipment of the Unseen and a copy of the codex.

This is all you need to be aware of the Unseen offices in Assassin’s creed Valhalla.

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