Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide – Where to Find the Crest

One of the missions in Assassin’s Cleared Valhalla is to send Avor seeking the woman’s scallop in exchange for which she agrees to have a night with the hero. First, we’ll tell you where to locate it.

“Crest of Champions. “Crest of Champions” event is located in the Rigiafiche region. Upon traveling to the northeast from Fornburg, Avor will meet the woman who will offer to stay the night with anyone who finds her scallop.

If you study the note next to the note, you may uncover a few clues; however, we’ll not keep the mystery: the object you’re seeking is found in the closest lake located at the lower end. The issue is that the hero can begin to sustain the brunt by being submerged in water.

Then, looking towards the waterfall, take a left, cross the bridge made of wood, down the rocks, and dive deep into the waters. That’s why Avor is near the tunnel where the scallops are. All you have to do is discover it with the aid of Odin’s Sight, then retrieve it and give it back to the woman, and then decide whether or not to spend your night in her.

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