Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide – All Locations for Fluting

If you’re looking to defeat all your competitors in the Assassin’s Conquest Valhalla impromptu battles for rap, here’s a list of places to go to.

Flooting is a fun and fun minigame that is available in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that will not just entertain you and increase the character’s charisma that will give dialogs new possibilities.

Fluting opponents are indicated in the compass and map with a blue mask icon during the contest, and you must choose your words carefully to hit your opponent with precision. Where to find the signs:

  • Alvis Alvis Fornburg, Rigjafilke (he’ll teach you to play the flute in the beginning in the course)
  • Manning – Stavanger, Rigjafilke
  • Chadwick The gossip hound Chadwick, the gossip hound Northwick, East Anglia
  • Jungulf – Repton, Ledechestershire
  • Fergal the Faceless Fergal the Faceless Grantebridge, Grantebridgeshire
  • Augusta Merry – near the southern-west point of the journey in Lunden
  • Herta the most affluent – Jorvik
  • Borgilda – Pichering, Yorkshire
  • Hogg the Strong – Oxenford, Oxenfordshire
  • Ove Ove Quatford, Shirepshire
  • Stiger the Lover Stiger the Lover Hemthorpe, Snottinghamshire
  • Fenn Inspiring the north-west of Winchester, Hamptonshire
  • Lady Ellett – Colester, Essex
  • Acolith Alwyn – Canterbury, Kent
  • Tor Asgard Asgard
  • Ratatotosk – Jotunheim

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