Assassins Creed II – walkthrough tips

Within Assassin’s Creed II, you are in the 15th century of late Italy, and you are in charge of the destiny of the nobleman Ezio Auditore, the chosen member to lead the Order of Assassins. It’s up to you to unravel the gruesome scheme of an ancient organisation seeking to dominate the world and simultaneously uncover the mystery of the human race’s first civilization. This guide provides the most crucial strategies for playing the game.

Step 1: Two combat strategies

In the initial stages of the game, All we do is take part in the daily life of Ezio Auditoro, a young nobleman from Florence. We live the life of Ezio Auditoro and work part-time (mostly the courier job), chat with his parents, have a sleepover with his partner, and socialize with his buddies.

The fun begins when Ezio’s dad is taken into custody on suspicion of treason against the Republic. The local Gonfaloniere appears to be an agent for an ancient order who seeks to subjugate humanity. the ramifications of this plot can lead to the Vatican and the Pope.

Ezio goes through a complete loss in a single day. He gains and loses while gaining. He can save a portion of his family members and then is sent to Uncle Mario, who is the chief of Monteriggioni. The uncle is revealed to be a member of an organization known as The Order of Assassins. They dedicate their whole lives to a ferocious fight against an evil that seems to have been around throughout the ages of hundreds of thousands.

The Assassins Creed line of games is all stealthy action. You must hide everywhere and everywhere, while at the same time, you must battle the guards on roofs and not allow the right amount of risk to the city. Also, frequently tear the booklets featuring your image on them.

There are times when silent killings aren’t effective, especially when guards surround the neighborhood. For rooftops, it’s fine, but not on streets in cities. There’s always the option to pound the enemy on the walls and engage in the middle of a battle. The game’s system of play allows you to achieve this.

You’ll have to buy the medication from a local doctor to do this. The doctor is located by the company’s plague suit. It’s unclear, however, the reason he requires this equipment in the event of outbreaks?!

Find the strange comrade wearing an avian mask and purchase medicine from him. Find the blacksmith to put on your solid armor. Be sure to have the right swords, axes, and sticks. They’re all available to use after you’ve completed the story in Monteriggioni.

Of course, you can use the classic stealth kill method, but if you wish to feel as if you’re part of God of War, you’ll be able to achieve this with the best armor. Fill your bag with medications and keep a sharp steel blade in your hands.

Don’t apply these strategies when silent killing is the goal, and you’ll be dissynchronized. In urban settings, take advantage of the chance to play around playing the “hack-n-slash” method. You can walk toward the nearest guard and, with all your might, could put a knife into his back. Be sure that the rest of the guardsmen and the locals are aware of this.

When your enemies are swarming from every direction, Be prepared for being killed. If you’ve taken care of your medication and armor, you’ll be able to beat even 100 soldiers. Luckily, the adversaries in this scenario are very stupid and usually attack in a single attack. Even knights who are heavy and have special weapons aren’t able to be a threat to you.

Combating near water bodies is particularly effective. If you’re near a lake or a pond, you’ve triumphed. When you throw your opponents to the bottom of the water, they will die quickly. Since heavy armor doesn’t do much while in the water, do your best to avoid taking too much injury during the fight. The hit and run method, run and hit, and the list goes on. Do not forget to build defenses to ward off enemy attacks. Hit straight into the chest, and then strike your adversaries through. You can force them away, knock them down, and strike punch after hit.

Stage 2: Challenged Missions

There are plenty of difficult missions in Assassins Creed II, but the most difficult ones are those that seek one of the Secret Tombs. It’s not about monsters or the plethora of traps but the camera, which tends to freeze at any unneeded moment. The Tomb from Monterigioni has made a lot of people sweat.

Cameras are nearly impossible. If you’d like to be able to play without issue, then get a camera Mod and Total Overhaul on the internet. However, you must be playing a licensed copy that includes Assassins Creed II. The mods will let the camera obey the player and not stop moving when jumping from one ledge to another.

However, in the Tombs, it is all dependent on the camera’s malfunction, and in other instances, it is based on your skills. The most difficult challenges are those in which you have to kill silently of the enemy and prevent the detection. But, indeed, the race on the cart cannot be a great experience for novices.

Between city missions, you’ll be required to assist Leonardo to escape Borgia’s gang. You’ll have to be careful to control the carriage and keep the carriage from being thrown down. The enemy will strike from all angles, even from behind. The chariot is highly fragile, and you’ll be required to fight to keep it safe. Be prepared for the possibility you will have to make numerous attempts. Do your best to knock them off the roof of your carriage with a quick turn to either side. When doing so, make sure not to be damaged by throwing torches. Don’t let Leonardo die. Be sure to keep the same speed. Any delay could be fatal.

Infiltrating Altair’s dreams, you’ll face the challenge of entering the central tower. To accomplish this, you’ll need to climb into the walls, step off, and immediately sprint to the left, holding on to the wall. Alongside the chariot races and mystery of the dream, the principal Venetian mission is also demanding. You will need to contend with Venice’s Doge Venice, Marco Barbarigo, one of the most prominent members of the Knights Templar.

Everything goes well initially. You hide in the crowd, wearing an elaborate carnival mask. Then, you carefully get to the boat where the vile older man is giving an appeal to neighbors. The day prior, Leonardo Da Vinci has already given you an armamentarium. However, just before you shoot one of the bullets into the accomplice of the sectarian, it is necessary to remain secret for longer than an hour. Guards will be circling nearly everywhere.

The task of surviving during this time will be challenging. Guardsmen appear everywhere and inspect all those they come across. You need to be careful not to fall under the eyes of the terrifying doge’s guards. They are sure to spot the shopper and ask questions; however, you’ll need to be quick to avoid detection, so if they catch you, the doge will be eliminated, and your task will be judged as a success. Therefore, you must move quickly between the carnival crowd.

Do not forget about the groups of courtesansthat are excellent hiding spots away from enemies. Smartly use them. Move between the groups until the timer has reached zero. Once that’s done, it’s more straightforward. It’s easy to shoot Doge Barbarigo directly on the ship and immediately quit the carnival. For this, you’ll be able to plunge into the sea and leave the scene of the murder.

Furthermore, There are two essential duties in Florence and The City on the Water. In Venice, the city, it is difficult to manage the massive flyer created in the name of Da Vinci. It will permanently drop and expose to the most substantial impacts on the wall of homes. Therefore, pay attention to the fire pillars scattered across the city. These will enable you to take off in a sharp upward direction and keep your flight going. However, playing around with a model jetpack isn’t the same as the murder of a merchant in Florence in Savonarola’s time.

The task of infiltrating the ship is among the most challenging tasks to complete. First of all, you should not approach the vessel or expose your face. There are two guards at the dock. If one detects you, it can result in a roof falling. Therefore, take your place on the top and use your weapon. First, shoot one guard before shooting his fellow guard. Next, try to kill the third walking back and forth along the pontoon. Then, plunge into the water and slowly swim until you reach the boat.

Try entering the vessel at the rear rather than from the bow. Slowly ascend, holding on against the rocks. You can then quietly remove an officer off the boat near the sides. You can then just as calmly take care of his fellow guards and avoid allowing any detection. Then, sit on the ledge where the merchant is speaking to Savonarola’s representative. Hit the Action Button and watch the assassination reel. That’s it. It’s done.

In the final mission to take down Alexander Borgia, you can also be screwed. If you attempt to infiltrate The Castle of the Holy Angel, hundreds of heavy guardsmen converge on you. It’s impossible to fight them without engaging in brutal combat. Therefore, before you set out on Rome against the vile enemies of galactic evil, make sure you have the best armor, the finest weapons (preferably with a hammer that can pierce your lats), and fill up your bag with a first aid kit.

The fights ahead are intense. The foes are powerful and brutal. In order to reach Borgia, it is necessary first to take on his troops. Be careful not to let your forces suffer destruction and the depletion of health kits. Be careful not to stab him in the stomach or back, Don’t overlook defense. The fight against Alexander VI himself will be relatively simple. The final boss of the game will be a good punching bag, but one that has an unnatural staff.

Stage 3: Pages of the codex

A lot of players have experienced oddities in the course of the end of the mission. They were not permitted to enter Rome to take down Alexander Borgia. They were expected to arrive in Monteriggioni following the completion of all of the tasks. However, several of Mario’s locations were filled with a white glow. When the players stepped into the glowing area, they were greeted with an unsettling message about the absence of memory fragments. A voice from the outside appeared, declaring that there were no Pages from the Codex. What exactly are these Pages? A lot of people were not looking at this particular aspect in any way.

Pages of the “Assassin’s” Codx are among the oldest manuscripts on which the most significant mysteries of our universe reside. A lot of documentaries are more than 10000 years old. They were in existence longer than Egypt or the Sumerians. To travel to Rome, it is necessary to collect each page in the Codex and solve its riddle. The puzzle is made up of a chaotic map of an entire globe. The pages are situated in various cities. There are 30 pages in all. If you’ve forgotten to locate these, then it’s suggested to find them promptly.

Make use of the city map to locate artifacts. The pages are marked with a special symbol that represents the openness of a book. They usually sit in abandoned or bank homes. You can find them in places such as Romagna, Monteriggioni, Venice, Florence, and the Highlands. Switch on the map and go through the territory carefully. Pages from the Codex can be located in the city banks. They are generally protected by 3-4 guardsmen whom you’ll be required to confront. Some are kept in remote estates. In order to access them, it is necessary to enter the home and open a chest. The other Pages are located during additional missions, particularly in the Assassins’ Tombs. When you have found all of the Pages, you will gain access to the puzzle, create a map of the Earth across the monitor, and begin preparing for the last fight.

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