Arozzi Arena Test

The assembly can be done by yourself, and assistance isn’t needed simply because of their weight. Parts. What is not so appealing is the Allen wrench included. It’s a pipsqueak. A more massive twist could have proved helpful because of the leverage required to tighten all the screws. Or, even better, an Allen wrench with T-handles so that it doesn’t need you to adjust the tension after every half turn. This will work better. It is recommended to plan your time in every case. The assembly is not complex; however, the volume of screws can be time-consuming.

Attach the feet onto the bases. Then, screw the slats in three pieces together, then screw the entire thing onto the tabletop. It’s that’s all there is. However, as I mentioned, there are a lot of screws that will not be able to 100 percent will fit in every place. In the end, the table is very sturdy. All the load-bearing components are steel, and the tabletop is 1.9 millimeters thick and coated with fiberboard. That means the Arena can hold a weight of 80 kg, which makes it suitable for multiple monitors or a massive TV with speakers or a soundbar. It is also lovely that the screws don’t go directly into the wood; instead, in recessed, appropriate metal brackets.

The tabletop is a generous size at 160x82cm. The excellent design is the curvature in its front. This is ideal for ergonomics. The table can also be adjustable by 10 centimeters from 70 to 81cm. The less appealing feature is the mechanism that allows height adjustment. To do the height adjustment, an Allen bolt must be loosened on both tables bases. It is a tedious task and not feasible by itself. There are more efficient solutions. It is possible to adjust each foot separately to correct any floor’s unevenness. This is done with no use of tools or playing around.

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Arozzi has put together a few great additional features for gamers. For instance, three cutouts within the tabletop can be used as guides for cables. The tangled cables can be put under the table as a net that can be mounted. This way, the order is taken into consideration. The package also includes a large mouse mat in the form and size of the table and has slots to match. This mouse mat feels strong, and the edges are stitched neatly and securely. With the rubberized bottom, it sits securely upon the tabletop. The microfiber surface can be cleaned, and the top-quality mat is machine washable. Mats that are worn or damaged are resold at the factory.

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