Arcadegeddon Review – Mix but Don’t Shake Review

After one year of pre-release on PC and PS5, Arcadegeddon has finally been released in full, and the Xbox is now on the list of supported platforms. We were very impressed with IllFonic’s efforts to make amends following the failure of Predator Hunter Grounds – quite impressive, it should be said.

In this instance, this is the first time we’ve played the game on Xbox.

  • Producer: IllFonic
  • Publisher: IllFonic
  • Please enter the date (release Version): July 5 2022

The fundamental gameplay mechanics, known as the fundamental gameplay, hasn’t changed much since the early access. It’s still a mix of innovative ideas that designers have blended astonishingly well.

There are a variety of cannons available from Loiter shooters. Loiter shooters, as well as similar to Fortnite visual style as well as “Roguelike” mechanics that offer enormous replayability because of the procedural generator for each race as well as cooperative gameplay with the help of four players or more – generally speaking, all the items we’ve described in the preview

The plot is the same. Yes, it’s there; however, the tale of fighting against the evil corporations in the virtual world isn’t brimming with newness – except a major analogy to modern game building. However, that’s not the reason we like games of this kind.

It’s even more important that Arcadegeddon doesn’t fear convention. It’s a story game set within a different game, which means there’s no limitation to your imagination. Your enemies are pixel-based and special effects instead of blood and in zones of safety between races or between the levels are special machines in which you can buy additional items or battle with your latest players in classic point-holding or deathmatch. You can also play by firing enemies at high speed and with the possibility to take each other out too.

Despite the many conventions (partly because of them), The game offers an outstanding shooting and movement model. There are gliders, double and single jumps, melee combat, and many different guns. A shotgun “viscously” fires after reloading and reloading with a sprightly recoil. The pistol appears to “spit” while the minigun flies around with aplomb and requires a significant fire correction to ensure that the bullets will not bounce around as much. And, of course, you cannot play around with the gun.
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In addition, there are passive and active abilities hacks, bonus hacks that you can collect for different traits per game – and we have fascinating and essential character customization that’s not limited to external effects, although there are many cosmetics. The difficulty grows as you progress and is also controlled in specific machines, so that difficulty, which requires you to throw gamepads, is eliminated. But the reward is less.

It’s also worth mentioning the stunning visual design, gorgeous, memorable places, adorable effects, and a fantastic soundtrack influenced by various electronica styles and hip-hop from the 80s. Beautiful, relaxing, atmospheric, and calming, it’s a massive plus for artists, designers, and composers. The number of enemies seems to increase, but this is compensated by the dynamic and the previously mentioned firing model. However, the most critical test of abilities will be in the fights with bosses in separate arenas accessible via the portal. All of it is available during an early-access version.

One of the most significant improvements over prior access was the addition of randomly-selected players if you’re not able for your friends to join. Crossplay is also claimed, and it is and can be found as an additional option within the setting. However, its implementation isn’t perfect.

Crossplay is only available to those who are highly random, and it is possible to play with friends currently only on only one platform. Maybe soon, something is going to change. The developers have some significant plans for the expansion of the game. However, AXXID’o and we were able to play only on the consoles. Epic, as well as Xbox accounts, did not wish to “see” each other. There are no access codes for the game that was created is not available.

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Another issue is the localization quality. The localization is present, but it would be more effective in the absence. The translation is manageable, but in the interface, there are entire sentences in English that are categorically unacceptable. Also, the latest version hasn’t yet fixed all bugs – there are times when there are still glitches due to the boss not appearing within the game. The only way out of this scenario is to stop the race. This means losing progress.

In the end, we could say that the launch of Arcadegeddon was a huge success, particularly in light of the defunct Predator Hunter Grounds. Although we don’t have as enough content as we’d like, and not all bugs have been resolved, it’s a fun and exciting shooter that is ideal for playing with friends after a long day working.

The game is accessible through PS Plus and would look fantastic with Game Pass, but it is also half the price as Full Price and is worth the cost. Let’s hope the developers will not stop their support and continue to work on Arcadegeddon and enhance it with games and content. Armageddon is a great game with all the potential it requires to achieve that.

We hope that the developers don’t give up and keep working to improve Arcadegeddon and enhance it with content, utilizing every potential.

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