Aquanox Deep Descent Overview Review

A small indie group from Serbia attempted to remove algae and rust from the original simulation game AquaNox. We took to the water on the new AquaNox and are eager to write about our experience in a short piece.

  • Producer: Digital Arrow
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Date of release: 16 October 2020

It’s important to point out at the outset that I’m only vaguely acquainted with the AquaNox series that was released nearly 20 years back. The plot was not a staple in my head, and the gameplay was interspersed with numerous others. However, the overall atmosphere, most likely because of the sudden onset of bathophobia in my early years and later on, is well-remembered what Digital Arrow has managed to add to the experience.

The next morning, we wake up to find ourselves in a dark place. We are in chaos as the surface of Earth has been wiped clean of all life. Humans do not have time to venture into space, and there is no choice except to escape the threat of changes in the climate into the ocean’s depths. However, it’s not without conflict and conflicts of interest, which can cause the ocean to be filled with warring alliances and gangs.

Our heroes, specifically Nabila, Hanna, Fedor, and Kalin, can emerge from the cross in total unconsciousness. They are almost sucked into the clutches of certain points. The aging scientist Ishmael who is at risk of losing his life assists the four boys to get to the safety of a safe submerged vessel, the Tupilak.

The characters here meet the crew and their charming captain, Toshiro Okabe. Okabe was awoken from a cold, many years ago and is now trying to understand the events. Okabe comes up with a solution and relies on the four and their teamwork efforts to assist him in his investigation.

The Tupilak is your first dock, armed with a workshop that can modify and paint your ship. The shields, wings, engines, and the hull must be rebuilt. A cannon is put into each gun slot. Special capabilities like ramming mines, missiles, or a shielding field are put into the modification slots.

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There are many places to explore in the AquaNox universe, brimming with multi-level sites with lots of caves, tunnels, and mazes in underground complexes that have been abandoned. All those who enjoy traveling through narrow spaces in the darkness and accompanied by the mysterious sound of the deep ocean abyss.

As one would expect, the views aren’t enthralling for divers with their abundance of bright colors and glowing creatures. The deeps of Aqua expose a dark side that is reminiscent of the darker waters found in earlier locations of The Ecco franchise. The abrasive and shifting scenery and the scattering lighting of the lighting for navigation are dramatic in specific areas.

Traveling around the world isn’t confined. The players can swim with no intention of achieving anything, scrape opponents, search the ocean floor for treasures and even trade their treasures at market stations at different prices.

It may seem odd; however, the transition between different locations is accomplished using underwater hypervates. Many regions are separated by this particular seam, which contains various levels. I haven’t found any sane information about the process that led to this structure being submerged.

The battles themselves are just exactly as arcade-like as they were. They remind me of space games or robots in the early decade of the noughties. If they’d been updated slightly or made it easier to aim, which can be twitchy and irritated with the ship’s cockpit, It could have felt much more comfortable.

If you’d like to see more of what the sport offers, click here.

This is how the daily life for the residents of Aqua runs. The players complete main quests and sidequests, earn loot, and battle enemies that could ruin your life, even at a low difficulty. For additional entertainment, it has a PVP mode; however, the browser doesn’t recognize any opponents.

The most effective method to play the game is to play with your friends. In this way, everyone becomes an important character in the game, and you’ll finally get rid of the sensation of being in a tiny submarine. Whatever your group members, they participate in dialogue and act as if they’re fighting on the same side.
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The storyline that the player tells is superficial and not very instructive. However, the game’s pace is quite fast. There are gaps in the narratives that were attempted to fill up using notes scattered throughout the globe. However, the whole effort did not work due to the inadequate text that also the Russian voice acting isn’t able to take on. Yet, even the voice acting gives an awful lot of areas.

Most of the characters have no face. Their behavior is naive and fake, and most of their dialogue is inappropriate. The enemies, much like the villains from the past, frequently send short threats via the communications channel, but they aren’t properly formulated. In the end, it’s a great way to ruin the general mood the sport offers.

The graphics weren’t the most impressive aspect of the project. The splash screens weren’t spectacular, and the animated shots and explosions are dated. The menu in the game appears a bit sloppy because of the massive gap between the bars and fonts. The creators’ intent is clear, but they feel they lack enough experience or the patience to refine their ideas.

It’s evident that Digital Arrow, for whom this was their first album, took inspiration from old games. Perhaps it could have been much more exciting If they’d paid more attention to the world with interesting stories, taken the time to write engaging texts and made the game look more appealing, and even modernized the combat. The result was that Deep Descent came out very “for the people who love it,” and there are certainly fans who aren’t.

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