Announcement Of Rainbow Six Mobile – Siege Adapted For Ios And Android

Just a few weeks back in the past, reporter Tom Henderson said that Ubisoft would launch Rainbow Six for mobile devices in April. His prediction proved to be true when the news of the game which was dubbed Rainbow Six Mobile was announced by IGN.

  • In essence, the R6 Mobile is similar to computer console Siege in that two teams of five players fight on maps that are destructible using drones as well as explosives and other devices.
  • Despite the resemblances in Siege the game is a standalone shooter that has adjustments for mobile gaming. For instance that mobile games last for two wins and the interface has been optimized for the smaller screen.
  • The mobile version of Rainbow Six will provide the identical locations and operatives of “big” Siege however, at the time of launch it appears that there will be less material. Of maps, particularly the two maps “Bank” along with “Border” were confirmed as of now.
  • Some modes are expected which include the standard “Charge” as well as “Take Position”.
  • Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, and Valkyrie. Mute, Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, and Hibana, among others, are revealed. In


    Each fighter will have primary weapons and secondaries and other equipment like ballistic shields or barbed wire other such devices.

    • The appearance of some personnel has changed. For instance, “mobile” Sledge does not wear a gas mask as well as a separate Ash grenade launcher is now an underbarrel.
  • Rainbow Six Mobile will launch on iOS as well as Android. The launch dates have not been announced but the first tests for public use will be conducted in the coming weeks. Pre-registration for the test is open.

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