Announcement Of Marauders – A Pvpve Shooter With Infantry And Spaceship Battles

Studio Small Impact Games is currently working on a unique genre-mixing game called Marauders incorporates PvPvE player as well as space combat. Its team Team17 have embarked on this ambitious project to be published.

This world marauders can be described as a futuristic Dieselpunk in which World War I lasted as long as it did until the 1990s. The industrialization of Earth was at the limit, and many of its inhabitants have escaped to the stars. You are among the space mercenaries referred to as the Marauders.

In Marauders, the player and comrades are required to crash into a space frigate, steal valuable items and escape alive to earn a decent profit. Your group of up to four players could be held back not just by bots as well by other players.

The equipment that was found can be kept and reused in subsequent matches. The cannons can be changed. Characters also earn experience, which is used for unlocking new objects.

In addition, the Marauders own their own vessels. You can construct a ship with looted materials or steal another’s vehicle by force. The creators are promising “explosive science-fiction combat” on the planet.

Marauders will be available in early access through Steam in 2022.

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