Anno 1800: Germ Of Hope Test

However, Season Pass 1 and 2 already featured new gameplay mechanics and challenges. It was the first big DLC “New Opportunities in the New World.

And now, Season 4 with the prelude “Germ of Hope.” The most significant innovation in the DLC is what’s known as the New World. It is now possible to build a Hacienda, which has many advantages and simplifies life. Like those of the Palace and that of the Warehouse City, which has already made its way into Anno 1800 with previous content expansions and expansions, the Hacienda is also compatible with modules that need to be constructed within the building’s area of influence.

This requires us to completely alter the layout of the island within this New World. Since, on the one hand, we’re only permitted to construct one hacienda for each island, but on the other hand, these islands also include vital farms that you can’t be without. They can plant new and recognized crops. Cereals used to make beer, such as example, that enhance satisfaction, can be grown directly on new farms and don’t require shipping from the past. This way, the Hacienda lets you be more efficient and reduces space.

Create an Hacienda and Forget

When the Hacienda is completed in the future, it is possible to adopt an island-wide plan that allows us to play on the New World a whole lot simpler. For instance, we’re permitted to increase the speed at which ships load in the harbor, increase the size of your warehouse, or, more practically – make sure that the demands of our residents are met. So, you won’t run into the dilemma of being suddenly short of tortillas, ponchos, or coffee. In addition to that, as was the situation, Germ of Hope ensures that the islands of the New World run on their own after the hacienda has been established. It will be less of a hassle to take care of them after everything is in order.

This also adds advantage to your principal islands: silos can be constructed to accommodate wheat, potato, or other areas to keep fertilizers. Like the silos used for wheat and agriculture with pigs already, it improves the effectiveness of your fields by reducing space or creating a surplus that will be beneficial to other islands.

It’s a good thing, but even though it turns out that the latest DLC makes the game more straightforward and more enjoyable thanks to new features across a variety of locations, The real purpose of the 4th Season Pass is primarily to bring the New World back to the top of the list and set its exclusive features to provide an entirely new type game experience. But, Germ of Hope doesn’t precisely meet this ambition yet. But, you must be aware that this is just the first shot. Two additional DLCs are coming, and they will focus specifically on what’s known as the New World. The third expansion is planned even to include a brand new population level.

The Silver Cage

Contrary to this game’s innovative mechanics, which make players’ lives simpler, the story “The Silver Cage” is a considerable challenge. In this scenario, you take on the character of Vasco Oliveira, a man who was unable to succeed in Cape Trelawney, who has been forced to flee to the kingdom of King Joao and taken to the far reaches the empire to increase the production of silver.

The purpose of the story is easily explained. Three times, the King’s actuary sails to your island to claim possession of the produced and mined silverware. Each time it takes around 45 minutes. The first time, he needs pure silver ore. The second time he would like bars of silver already processed, and the third time, he is looking for silver coins that have been pressed. Each time, the production process becomes more complex and more prolonged.

There’s no time to learn about the locale and plan the location carefully. The problem is that “The Silver Cage” incorporates gameplay mechanics from different regions. It is necessary to settle the issues to keep Journaleros and the Oberoi of The New World happy while the conditions for cultivation are from Endesa. The fertile soil is in short supply, and there’s not a lot of available space for corn or cane sugar. The terrain is dusty except in certain areas.

To expand the fields, we have to construct a reservoir of water, like the one at Enbesa, From which we then have to lay pathways to cultivate more fields strategically. But, this is already posing another issue: water reservoirs don’t fill up on their own. Every 30 minutes, the weather shifts; however, until a monsoon comes through the island, bringing rain, the reservoirs are empty and practically ineffective similar to the fields supposed to be irrigated by these reservoirs. This is a real issue that creates significant problems.

Most often, the populace goes to barricades quickly when items are not available, and the workforce shrinks and, in turn, creates further problems and creates a deadly circle. As a result, even though one provides in a variety of hot locations to prevent damage, it naturally continues to provide silver ransacked and settlements also increase. However, it is necessary to have the following steps to increase the population and then the next stage of inhabitants.

If you are unable to get the ore you need when you need it, you can include the amount that is missing at the time of another delivery. If you fail the second time, then that’s it. Only after the final delivery is accomplished will you be awarded the bronze award for completing the task. If you’re looking to do more, you must finish all deliveries to the satisfied actuary, and for gold, you must have at least 300 tonnes of silver coinage available at the time of completion. So there is plenty to do for those seeking something to do.

Suppose you’re tired of the endless game because all production chains have been refined, and there are only a few things to be done, and you’ll find the brand new game a great test to get your teeth into. With its innovative, yet in the end, somewhat limited mechanics, it provides an enthralling alternative to the endless game, with its five distinct regions and a myriad of goods and systems that have been developed during the time since the game’s release.

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