Ancient Egypt Is Not So Ancient Now – Comparison Trailer Of The Pharaoh City Building Remaster

Photemu and Triskell Interactive are set to revamp The Pharaoh Urban Strategy game that focuses on ancient Egypt that was released in 1999, which is the golden age in the history of Sierra Entertainment. The refined version is compared to the original in the latest trailer.

The essence of entertainment is:

Build your city by cultivating fertile soil in the valley that lies on the Nile coast. Create the historic monuments of ancient Egypt such as The Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Pyramids, and The Lighthouse of Alexandria. Create shrines and temples to give your city an enviable quality of life and culture in addition to the most popular religion of the day the polytheism.

The story-based campaign introduces you to the game’s basic rules and then describes the story as it unfolds in the middle of Ancient Egypt. The story will also teach you about the various aspects that make up life in the city, amid the threat of a financial crisis and an enemy.

The goal is to create prosperity in all aspects that affect the economy, foreign and domestic trade, health, agriculture, education, and health. Apart from the improved graphics, Pharaoh: A New Era provides new gameplay mechanics and entirely new music. It will allow you to go through the 4,000 decades in Ancient Egyptian history with 50 missions. The amount of content is enough for more than 100 hours of play.

The game also includes an editor for maps and an add-on Cleopatra The Queen of the Nile.

Paraoh The new Era is available for download through Steam or GOG however, when it will be available is unclear. Russian localization isn’t stated.

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