An Indie Studio Believes That The Kalashnikov Concern Stole Her Shotgun Design (And Then Dragged Escape From Tarkov Into It)

Indie Studio Ward B manages shooting game Oceanic. The set is futuristic but the team is keen on the practical aspect of weapon design. When Ward B found that Russian producer Kalashnikov took over its appearance in it’s shotgun team suffered an extremely negative hit to morale.

It is reported by IGN. Ward B releases weapon designs that originate from Oceanic through its site. On February 18, 2020, she demonstrated an EPM28 Mastodon shotgun. A month later, Maxim Kuzin contacted the studio, introducing himself as the creator of industrial projects for various firms, including “Kalashnikov”.

Experimentation on how to use the Mastodon Model at Oceanic.

Kuzin was aware of that the Mastodon design and suggested Ward B an arrangement that the studio would give the rights to the Kalashnikov shotgun and also create a customized model of MP-155 that is in Mastodon shape. In exchange, Ward B could make use of the name “Kalashnikov” on Mastodon in their game, and the name of the studio could appear on a specific version of the MP-155 in real reality. In addition, Kalashnikov would be able to offer Ward B three copies of the shotgun (but not with firearms, which means there was no issue with international shipping).

Ward B

I enjoyed this concept, and the studio was willing that they would sign agreements. But no contracts were signed so




We never spoke to each other.

Ward B

I was thinking that the deal had silently stopped.


On August 21, 2020, Kalashnikov unveiled the MP-155 Ultima, the version of the gun sporting a futuristic electronic shell with features such as a Compass, a timer for shooting, and a shot counter and many more. The company openly stated that Ultima was in the spirit of video games.

Ward B was able to see the announcement and instantly determined that Ultima was being created following the molds used by Mastodon. The overall design might not appear the same to the majority of people. However, Ward B says that one can discern the odd similarities through close examination: for instance, the trigger features the same shape of an L with the tail. These elements serve no use, according to Ward B as they are merely visual enhancements, which means that the chance of finding a match is low.

Ward B at first believed this was an indication of the possibility of a deal being made with
Kalashnikov to be prepared if contracts don’t get delivered because of red tape. The studio attempted to contact the company and Kuzin; however, no one responded. From Ward B’s viewpoint, it seemed that the design was taken.

IGN made contact with Kuzin. He confirmed that he’d met with Ward B However, the agreement was verbal and preliminary. After Cuzin started an investigation on his own and discovered there was no evidence that Ward B was not able to raise the money needed to finish the development of the game and had no investors, and there was no date for release. So, according to them that it’s risky to collaborate in partnership with the company. Ward B also failed to pay the artist who came up with this Mastodon concept, making it impossible to license the design. ( Ward B affirms it was the designer who was compensated but with another method of payment.)

As Kuzin claims that he resigned from his idea to work in conjunction with Ward B and requested a gun idea from a different designer from Russia. The idea was created from scratch, then tested for originality by The Union of Russian Designers and even registered, says Kuzin.


Ward B attempted to solve the problem directly through Kalashnikov however, the company also claimed that they believed that the Ultima design was totally original, and that the company’s top executives had never seen Mastodon’s the eyes of their bosses. Based on Ward B however, this is not true:

  • The studio has discovered it was the case that Kuzin utilized Mastodon drawings in the sketches, and it was revealed that the Oceanic Logo was replaced with that of the Kalashnikov symbol.

  • Ward B

    was also able to see correspondence that


    contacts an artist and attempts to buy the artist a firearm model. Mastodon is mentioned as an example.
    Kuzin even claims that the renders of the past can be covered simply with an image of Kalashnikov.
  • Legal department of


    “, he said.

    Ward B

    The vice-president of the business had never Mastodon. It was the vice president who had seen the Mastodon.


    In one of his letters, he’d sent renderings from Mastodon in one of his letters to Vice President.
    Original Mastodon rendering and the image of the original Mastodon rendering and image Ward B claims Kuzin showed to Kalashnikov representatives. If you examine it closely, you can see that the original logos have been sprayed on the weapon itself.

    A second maneuver took place in June 2021. Ultima MP-155 appeared in June of 2021: Ultima MP-155 appeared in Escape from Tarkov in the movie together in cooperation with Kalashnikov. The incident shook the morale of the team. The shotgun was the first lovingly designed specifically for Oceanic. It seemed as if it could become part of a different game. Additionally, the team was like some multinational corporation had taken over an independent studio.

    Ward B was not helping: Kuzin and Kalashnikov rejected everything and the creators of Escape from Tarkov refused to comply with requests and there was very little chance of winning in court. In particular, Ward B is a small independent studio with 40 members; they have poor financial standing. The court is expensive and time-consuming, particularly because of the legal complexities between the US and Russia. However, Ward B has acknowledged the situation and decided not to take the matter to court.

    As the studio’s director of operations says in his IGN article IGN, Ward B wants to create a buzz so that people know the events that transpired. As per the studio, there was never easy money. In the initial discussion between Kuzin and Kuzin, the two of them did not discuss any mention of financial or other rewards, but only the word of Ward B and its creators as the designers of the gun’s design.

    Variations of MP-155 from Escape from Tarkov.

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