Among Us how to set up the controls

Among Us was primarily designed for play on mobile devices and, therefore, if you’re playing the PC version that is extremely popular and highly rated, you’ll likely need to switch on the keyboard. You can manage your character’s movements and actions by using the keyboard; however, you cannot alter keyboard shortcuts yet. You’ll need to utilize alternative methods, which we’ll detail below.

The game first came out in 2018 but didn’t become well-known until the year 2020, when it was a hit in streaming services. For those who aren’t aware, where the action takes place in a space base. It’s infiltrated by an alien, who appears precisely like those of the characters. There are two kinds of participants in the game: the aliens who are referred to as traitors and the crew members. Your role as a crew member is to determine who the impostor is.

The keyboard switch will provide PC players with an additional benefit. In this situation, you don’t need to move the mouse swiftly since the fingers are right next to keyboards, making it extremely practical.

By default, you can manage the game in Us using the mouse, which is similar to the touch screen of mobile devices. It is, however, feasible to change to the keyboard to complete tasks faster.

  • Open Settings, and then choose Keyboard + Mouse

In this scenario, you may make use of the mouse however this option adds keyboard controls:

  • Keys: WASD / Arrows: movement
  • Space:action either sabotage, or venturing
  • Tab: map
  • Q: assassination/attack
  • R:report a corpse
  • ESCCancel/Cancel the task
  • Alt + enter: Full-screen mode

How do I change keys

When a patch is not released, it is not possible to change the bindings of the game’s key controls within Among Us. However, you are able to use specific tools to alter the control options. Software such as AutoHotKey is the best for this.

  • Download AutoHotKey here.
  • Make an .ahk file and add this text in the file:
  • #IfWinActive, in the midst of Us
  • NumPad8::w
  • NumPad4::a
  • NumPad5::s
  • NumPad6::d
  • NumPad7::q
  • NumPad9::e
  • NumPad1::r
  • Return

Remember, WASD is the move key, Q is the kill/attack key, E is the key to act, and so on. Replace the keys with what you want, and it alters the binding of the initial. The complete set of AutoHotKey names can be found at the the link.

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