All the Secrets of DOOM Eternal The Mars Core (walkthrough)

Discuss all the secrets of the sixth DOOM Eternal mission cheating codes Codex Mod bots toys, tokens, and toys scrapbooks.

7. DOOM Eternal story mission has 20 collectibles. Additionally, you’ll discover altars with secret battles and The Executioner’s Gate.

The entire collection of Mars Core Mission collectibles:

  • Rune 1. Once you’ve passed through the teleporter and killed Baron of Hell, go through the door in the back to locate the rune.
  • Rune 1.
  • Battery Guardian 1. If you go around the exterior part of the building, you’ll observe two cannons firing from opposite directions. This is where you’ll meet an element of pain for the first time during the campaign (secret skirmishes and the Executioner’s Gate are omitted). Explore the mine, then leap onto the battery platform on the opposite part of the map marker.
  • It is the Praetorian Token 1. A shaft can lead you into a room equipped with a generator. There are two ascending pods. Jump up into the knight, with the token in the opposite part of the space.
  • Page Codex 1. To the right in the space, you can move through the vents, then turn left to locate the page.

  • The webpage.
  • the Praetorian Token 2. Once you’ve received the BFG-9000 and jump into the teleporter area, proceed to the next large zone. After the initial battle, an opening will appear. Enter it and be aware of the wall that has a crack. Move around the building to the left until you can spot the knight who has the token.
  • Toy1. As you ascend the elevator, you’ll find the control room for the catapult ion. Utilize it, and then go through the back door of the hero. The toy will be there.
  • Rune 2. When you get to the catapult with ions, there is a rune. It’s hard to ignore.
  • Chit Code 1.. When you reach the second building, via the catapult of ions, continue moving until you come across an avenue leading. You can then go there, take out the tentacles, and to the right side, you’ll see an upgrade. Utilize it to access your cheating code.
  • the Praetorian’s token 3. In the front of the room, where the cheating code was located, you will find an area with tentacles and pods. You can go through it and then transform it into a room that is a side. Then, go up the crates to the knight holding the token.
  • Album 1. Starting from the totem, climb on the rungs to the front and then use the booster to return and squeeze through the opening that is in the ceiling. There’s an album in there.
  • Toy 2.. Continue using the rungs in the room with tentacles; however, this time, they go into the hole. Through the door that is marked Maintenance 02 and then uses the Teleporter. It is necessary to travel in the opposite direction to the marker for the story. Utilize the booster in advance to enter the area with the toy.
  • Pretorian Token 4. After you have destroyed the Baron of Hell, climb up the platforms to reach the kit for first aid. Then, jump into the knight using the token.
  • Battery Guardian 2. You can jump to the booster at the Union Airspace facility, which looks like a chimney, then utilize the crossbar to climb into the platforms. Get up and grab the battery.
  • Crystal Guardian 1. After you’ve pressed the gas button inside Union Airspace, go through the front door and locate the crystal on the right side of the controls panel.

  • Crystal.
  • Gate as well as it’s the Hangman’s Key. The second area that has the tentacles goes towards the controls panel. Click the switch to show the platform inside the second room. Return to the platform and break the ventilation grille on the right. This is how you can get The key that opens Hangman’s Gate. Hangman’s Gate. It’s located near Hangman’s Gate. Gate itself is located nearby.
  • Album 2. The same platform is used using The Hangman’s Gate key, smashing the vent on the left. The vent will lead one to an album.
  • Toy 3.. From the second room with the tentacles, walk down into the gap in the flooring. Then turn left, and smash the vent grates. Utilize the booster to reach the room using the toy.
  • Battery Guardian 3. Once you have reached the surface of Hell, Jump off the ledge and then turn left to reveal the battery.

  • Battery.

  • Page from Codex 2. Codex 2. When you reach the top of Hell, continue along the road to reach that Codex page.
  • This is the Codex page 2..
  • It is the Praetorian Token 5. It is located in the middle of Hell. Turn left instead of the object that is destructible to the right. A knight is holding the token.
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Secret skirmishes

  • Secret Skirmish 1. It is next to the second Praetorian token that was mentioned earlier. It can be obtained after obtaining the BFG-9000 and utilizing the Teleporter. Enter the vast area. After the first major fight, the hole will appear. Take a look down the wall, which has a crack. Then, jump and sprint towards the left to locate the location of the secret skirmish.
  • Secret Skirmish 2. Utilize the rungs of the room, along with the tentacles and the pods. Then descend into the hole, enter this Maintenance 02 door, and enter the Teleporter. To the left of the marker for the story, there is a secret altar for the skirmish.

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