All the Secrets of DOOM Eternal Necral II (walkthrough)

Informing all the secrets of the 10th assignment of DOOM Eternal cheat codes Codex, mod bots toys, tokens, albums

The quest has 15 items to be found in this quest. The Executioner’s Gates However, there are many other things you could have missed. Don’t mistake this mission for the normal Necravol mission. They’re distinct!

The entire Necravol II mission collectibles:
  • Master Token 1. The most secure method to obtain tokens is to use this Rage cheat. In the beginning, you must kill all enemies, and then leap twice to reach the column to the left. To get to it, you must hop from the right side of the bridge to the ramp that is hidden. You can jump to the second column, and get an entry.
  • Album 1. Then, from the token you can jump onto the wall that one can scale. Then, you’ll find the album as well as an altar for the skirmish that is secret.
  • Album 1.
  • Crystal of the Guardians 1.. Once inside the building, you’ll discover The Guardian Crystal along the main pathway.
  • Page from Codex 1. Codex 1. After you have cleared the room using the Rock Hunter, move to the marker for the story and go towards the left side to find the page.
  • This is the Codex page 1.
  • Toy1. On on the Codex page, climb down the ramp and hit the wall. There is an item toy and The altar to the mysterious clash.
  • code 1. Between the toy, and the shrine of the hidden encounter, proceed into the abyss. Here you will need to jump in order to progress further. Take a leap on the ledge to the left side, which is an abutment. Then turn around and look back. There’s a wall with cracks beneath the passage. You can jump to it, smash it, and then take the disc and enter the code.
  • This is Codex page 2.. After eliminating all creatures in the area that have souls, walk to the top of the wall and search for the book on the main road.
  • Album 2. The wall is just to the left of prior Codex page.
  • Toy 2.. If you get to the pillars of flame, jump onto the one on opposite sides that of the central one. Reverse direction you came from. Make a jump into the darkened area. You’ll need to take an arc to reach the spot with the toy.
  • Pretorian Token 1. On the uppermost part of the elevator are three doors that open and close periodically. Double jump and sprint toward the left synchronizing properly to get to the edge before the opening closes. Break through the wall and take the token.
  • Page Codex 3. From the left side you can go through the middle door and search to the Codex page to the right of it.
  • Toy3. After Codex page 3, you will find an item called a booster. Make sure to jump over it and hit the wall in front of you to view the toy.
  • Toy 3.
  • It is the Praetorian Token 2. After a shrewd leap over a large gap, you’ll reach the soul well. Explore it until you find the knight who has the token.
  • Cheat Code 2.. Once you have opened your portal into Urdak then turn around and go back to the door that is open. In the elevator shaft then turn around and glide into the wide niche. There’s a disc that has the code.
  • The Praetorian’s Token 3.. Same location as code disc 2.

Secret Skirmishes

  • Secret Skirmish 1. The album is next to the first.
  • Secret Skirmish 2. The second toy is next to the first.

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