All the Secrets of DOOM Eternal Jubilation (walkthrough)

The discussion will cover the many secrets of DOOM Eternal’s second mission. Cheating codes, Codex MOD bots toys.

The second mission in DOOM Eternal introduces new ways to collectibles by adding the concept of “gunsmith points.” They can be used to improve previously installed weapon modifications. The gunsmith will earn one point for every skirmish. There are secret skirmishes and story skirmishes that aren’t mandatory. However, if you choose to participate in all fights, you’ll receive ten gunsmith points for each skirmish. Here we will tell the best places to look for the various collectibles available during the quest. There are 15 of them.

As with all levels, it’s worth noting that you’ll have the ability to swiftly progress to specific points by the time you’ve completed the class. If you don’t get any collectibles, there’ll be a chance at the end to get back what you lost. To help you make sure you unlock your AutoCAD using your map posts. It’s located in the pit along with that purple fluid. Simply move those plot markers, and you’ll likely miss it.

All collectibles found in this mission are available for purchase. Jubilation mission:
    1. Page Codex 1. Break through the first wall, then turn left, and you will see the object near the bottom of the road.
    2. Rune 1. When you are to the floor, you can jump down and follow the line through electric discharges and enemies in a circle until discover the rune.
    3. Toy 1. When you’ve found the rune, you must turn right and proceed down the steps. Near the bottom is an archway. The wall is opposite. and enter the niche for the toy.
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  • Page from the Codex 2. Just in the front of the room, that has the generator rotating Turn in the direction in which the gaze of the knight statue is directed. Then you’ll find the book. You can jump over and grab it.


  • page of Codex 3. Near one chain you will need to break the chain for raising the generator.
  • 3. Codex webpage 3.
  • page of code 4. After watching the video, exit the chamber. When you reach the first fork turn to the right, and then to the page.
  • This is the Codex Page.
  • Guardian Battery 1. Guardian Battery 1. It can be found along the way to the marker for the story, right directly in close proximity to the entrance. It is impossible to miss it.

  • .
  • Album 1. Hit the block that is right next to the hand that is huge. Make sure you do it starting from the logo’s green side. Enter the hallway that opens, and look through the album.
  • Mod-Bot 1. Leaping off the wall of the hook into the pit, filled with purple liquid, you can spot the mod-bot when you head toward the marker for the story.
  • The Codex page 5. After blasting the wall with firing from the massive hand and climbing the walls, you will reveal another page on the top.

  • The Codex Page
  • Crystal Guardian 1. Cut through the third hole by using the crossbar and jump panel. Take a look to the left and toward the swamp in purple and locate the crystal.

  • The Guardian Crystal

  • .
  • Page from Codex 6. Codex 6. Take a leap to the lower platforms to the spot in which the zombies are likely to slide. The platform is next to the damaged column.
  • Key to Gate 1 of the Executioner’s Gate 1. When you’ve cleared the area of falling platforms, turn left and climb up the ledge until you locate the door. You’ll require the key to The Hangman’s Gate to get inside. In the cave to climb up and then leap back using the booster to the ceiling recess. Outside, there is the slab, which has the purple key.
  • Toy 2. After you’ve reached the electric gate you’ll know that the Traitor’s signal is near. After you have met him, jump to your left and then through the lava and to the small the ledge. There’s a toy inside the cave.
  • Page from Codex 7. After having your discussion with the Traitor Find the page right before the booster.
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Secret Skirmishes

  • Secret Skirmish 1. When you’ve earned gained the Dash ability, go back to the location in which the map displays 3 statues. Then, accelerate to the rungs you could not reach with just a two jumps. This will lead you to the top of the hill with the Lilac Orb. It lets you begin an unintentional skirmish.
  • Secret Skirmish 2. As you climb down the massive spear, you should look at your left. You could jump down to uncover a second orb of lilac.

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