All the Secrets of DOOM Eternal Hell on Earth (walkthrough)

The full story of the secrets revealed in the very first mission of DOOM Eternal cheat codes,, mod-bots toys

The first mission in DOOM Eternal can be described as a training mission. It is where you discover weapon modifications, alternate shooting options, and how to take down monsters. Unfortunately, many collectibles aren’t concealed (lying just off the main road connected to an adventure mission). We’ll nevertheless discuss everyone (briefly about those that are easy to find and more in-depth on the hidden items).

Note. In contrast to the Metroidvania series, where you include a vast array of collectibles, all items are available at the beginning of an assignment. This means that the game does not restrict you to any abilities or gadgets that can be unlocked during later missions.

It’s a good thing that the Hell on Earth mission has 13 collectibles. The majority of them are utilized for the tutorial system. However, there are items and a cheat code. After the game, you’ll be able to take an opportunity to explore the area. This happens in every story section and allows you to attempt to collect things you didn’t get.

The entire collection of DOOM Eternal collectibles from “Hell on Earth” in the order that you will be able to discover them:
  • Toy 1. If you take the chainsaw at the start of the game, you need to break the wall in the right corner (in the corner to the right, the cube is marked with green spots that you must smash). Then, as you move through the wall that has been broken then, climb between the floors to get the toy.
  • Mod-Bot #1. After moving the cube to an green spot (by pressing the key E) then go upstairs. in the upper room and near the door you’ll find the mod-bot. You can select the first mod to the shotgun!
  • Page 1 of the Code. Once you’ve cleared your first room filled with enemies and are now moving to the next room, you’ll find your first entry into the Codex. Seek out an enthralling (and perhaps glowing) page.
  • The Codex page 2. After you have finished your priest you’ll end up outside, right in front of the destroyed building. If you go to it, when you enter the hole, check for an additional page to the right.
  • It is Codex page 2.
  • Mod-Bot #2. The game is located in the same building, right in the front of the wall that has that green crack. In addition, the green color of the game indicates all plot elements that you need to strike to move on.

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  • Toy 2. When you have smashed the wall above, in the vicinity of mod-bot number two then jump onto the rubble left to climb onto the next floor. Then, jump to the other side, and you will find the toy on the other side of the room.
  • Toy 3. Near the building, which has an Scott sign, is an unturned truck. You can climb up on it and jump up to the second floor to the left, where you will find it’s Shuz sign. You can break the wall with your left hand and then jump down to find the toy.
  • Page Codex #3. To get to the toys (#3) mentioned above take a left turn and jump off the ledge, then over the pit. The other end, you can turn left to view the page. If you fall off the edge you’ll discover a hidden additional life.
  • Mod-Bot #3. After the mall that is populated by monsters, there is an underground station. The station isn’t concealed, just look for it close to the train.

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  • Page #4 of the HTML0 code. Before you see the first tentacle that is aggressive, you will discover the page. It’s not inaccessible.
  • Chit Code 1. When you are standing in the direction of the tentacle next to you turn around and you will see an iron box. From there, climb up that point towards the exhaust. Break the grating, then go further to find the gap using an cheating code.
  • Page 5 in the Codex. The moment you enter the main entrance to the Citadel and before you get on the elevator, make a right and continue up the steps directly to page. Check out the iron grates.
  • Page Codex #6. The previous pages, turn to view the elevator. Go to the left, leap to the ground , and take off towards the right until located on the opposite part of the primary gate. There’s a page there.
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