All the Secrets of DOOM Eternal Complex (walkthrough)

Discuss all the secrets of five missions of DOOM Eternal cheat codes and mod bots toys, tokens, albums.

The sixth and final mission in DOOM Eternal, there are several treasures that are hidden in geocaches. And we will reveal each one below!

All collectibles at the Committee Complex level:
  • Toy1. The first time you fight the level, you’ll witness the enemy smash the glass. Get in and grab the toy
  • Pretorian Token 1. Take on two massive enemies and then go to the bottom of the hill. When you’re down, check for the store to the left side that reads Shuz. Then, turn to the right to break the glass to get the token.
  • Gate and Executioner’s keys. To get to the first cannon, you’ll be able to climb the structure’s floors, where many enemies will smash into the windows. You can climb even more up the steps to find the AutoCAD. Go to the left. Then, jump onto the wall with your right hand and take off and jump to the opposite side. There is an entry key for The Executioner’s Gate. You can use the auto card to open The Hangman’s Gate. You’ll be awarded a Heavenly Key for passing the test.

  • The Executioner’s Gate.
  • Toy 2.. From the autocard, double leap to the opposite side of the card to locate the toy.
  • Toy 2..
  • Guards Battery 1. This battery is in the same spot that the other toy was described earlier.
  • 1. Battery.
  • Mod-Bot 1. Instead of climbing the steps behind you and then going into the Autocart take a left from the broken window. You will be able to find the mod-bot.

  • .
  • Cheat code 1. Utilize the crossbars in the window that is broken, and outside the building, to go to the next building. In the first room , there is a gap within the flooring. After killing the enemies leap down and collect the floppy disk that contains the code.
  • Mod-Bot 2. The second mod-bot is located on the right side of the room after you have gone up the steps. After passing the pedestal, hit the wall to view the room through the drone.
  • Page Codex 1. Then, jump into an adjacent building. then follow through the rubble to the left side and knock down the wall. Take the stairs to the top. the stairs and you will find the book.
  • Crystal of the Guardians 1.. About half way down the steps of the earlier Codex page, you will find a wall that has a hole. You can jump in and grab the crystal.

  • Crystal of the Guardians.
  • the Praetorian Token 2. Ascend the buildings by with the rungs until you arrive at the next image. There’s an eagle in the corner.
  • Page Code 2.. After jumping into the cargo compartment in the airplane, continue getting up and upwards until you are on an upper floor in building (the floor isn’t actually the first, but it is the one with the lowest level). Make a left turn and head towards the end of the building to take the book.
  • The Token of the Praetorian 3. From here, you can make an extra jump and sprint across the chasm and then to the other side in which there is the knight wearing an item.
  • Toy 3.. You can go up to the second level and make a left turn to locate the toy.
  • Toy 3.
  • Rune 1. If you enter the hole of the burning structure, search for the rune.
  • Page Codex 3. The foyer at Mario’s La Carte Restaurant, look at the area and locate the computer table within a crevice. There’s a copy in the Codex.
  • Battery Guardian 2. When you have fired the previous gun, proceed to the elevator, and at the end search for the room with the battery.

  • Battery.
  • Page Code 4.. From the room that has the battery, proceed to your story’s marker. Inside one of the rooms the trap will be visible in the ground. You can jump below and then look around for the trap to reveal the webpage.
  • The Praetorian Token 4. Then, from on the Codex page, go to the wall’s hole and go to the right and you will find another knight holding the token.
  • Rune 2. Continue from the room that had an opening within the floor. Then at the bottom of the hall, another section in the floor is about to fall. Go to the left and leap onto the debris to grab the rune.
  • Battery Guardian 3. In the pit with the bottom colored purple after you have smashed the block, jump onto the crossbar and fly to the right (you must turn your body into the air by making jerks). The ledge will be reached by using the battery.
  • Page code 5. Once you’ve pressed the button within the room for control, head back to the direction you came from through the door (take note of the marking to another door to the right!). There was one locked door to the right earlier. It’s now open, and a copy of the Codex is in the background.
  • Album 1. Take a look at the Codex page, then turn left to view the units. In the back of the boxes, on the left is the album.
  • Album 2. When you get into the parking lot, you should turn left and discover an audio collection. On the right side of the parking lot is the room that has the second album.
  • the Praetorian Token 5. In the same park area, the mancubus will pass through the entrance. It happens on the floor directly below. In front of this door is an alcove where you will find the token.
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Secret Skirmishes

  • Secret Skirmish 1. From the second chapter of the Codex do the double jump and then sprint to cross the chasm . You can also make use of an altar to the skirmish secret.
  • Secret Skirmish 2. Scroll down to page 5 in the Codex and then turn left to reveal numerous gadgets. Also, there will be on the altar the secret skirmish.

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