All the secrets of DOOM Eternal by Taras Nabad (walkthrough)

The full story of the secrets revealed in the 8th Mission of DOOM Eternal cheat codes Codex, mod bots toys, tokens and toys albums

This mission will also see a large number of collectibles, including 25. This is the final mission with The Executioner’s gate. If you’ve already collected the primary keys, you’ll be able to gain access to the weapon after you’ve completed this task!

All collectibles and items from this”Taras Nabad Mission “Taras Nabad”
  • Page Codex 1. The first time you open the page you will need to jump onto the huge platform and search for the object on the left.
  • This is the Codex first page.
  • Guards Battery 1. Then, from on the Codex page, you can go down to the side of the platform, and then break the wall to access the battery.
  • Guards 1..
  • Album 1. Enter through the large doors, cross the gap and then accelerate back until you are back where you came from. On the platform in front of the large doors is an album.
  • The Praetorian Token 1. Once you’ve climbed up the wall before dropping down into the hole to the left and then entering the vast courtyard, search for the knight wearing the token to the left.

  • .
  • Battery of the Guardians 2.. In the huge courtyard in which you’ll fight the archvil, go up the steps at the other end, and then go to the right side. Near the wall, there is a statue that has broken legs. Click it to reveal the button. Press the button to open the doors to the hanging cargo. As you climb up the wall to the sides, jump onto the cargo, and then break the chain that holds it down. Then, jump into the hole using the battery.
  • Wizard’s Token 1.. After cleaning up the vast courtyard, walk to the hidden altar located in the nearby area; however, be patient when activating it. Take a look to the left and press”green” on the altar. The gate will be opened at the side, which means you can enter the alcove to pick up a wizard token item. The wizard token allows users to go up to the highest level without taking a master-level test.
  • Pretorian Token 2. While swimming through the radioactive waters, close to where you can surface, search for the knight holding the token.
  • Page Code 2.. Then, after the radioactive pools first, eliminate the enemies from the new courtyard. Look to the Codex page at the bottom of the screen.
  • Toy1. In the place you came across on the Codex page, you will find an image of a statue with a broken leg to the side. It’s identical to the one found in the previous courtyard. Press it, and then press the button. Get up on the platform which appeared on the steps to access the box by putting the toy in it. Take the item you want by going down.

  • .

  • Page Codex 3. In the aftermath of the cutting scene walk through the story’s path until you reach Codex page. Codex page.

  • It is the Codex webpage.

  • Gate as well as the Executioner’s Key. After you have left in the water that is radioactive, take the moveable block, then turn left at the crossing. The gate in front lies the Key of Executioner.
  • Chit Code 1.. After the second big room that is behind the pit, with radioactive water, go up the steps and smash the wall to the left. Inside you will find the cheating code and it’s altar to the hidden skirmish.
  • Battery Guardian 3. When you remove the hilt of the Gornil from the Titan’s chest you should look back and look behind you to see the battery.

  • Battery.
  • page 4. from the Codex. Before you remove the Gornil hilt off the Titan’s chest, in the left corner of your back take a look at it on the Codex page.

  • It is the Codex webpage.

  • The Token of the Praetorian 3.. Get across the grave of the Titan and from his chest you have to take the Gornil hilt. Then, look for the statue holding the token.
  • Toy 2.. The wall must be broken to the left of the mentioned token to reveal the toy.
  • Toy 2..
  • Pretorian Token 4. After you have used the elevator after going upstairs , and combating demons within the small space then walk around the circle and search for the knight wearing the token.
  • Page Codex 5. Take a leap off the balcony but don’t hurry to the next. Instead take a turn and check for the book to your right.

  • .
  • Crystal of the Guardians 1.. After jumping off the balcony, turn and look for the crystal to the left.
  • Crystal of the Guardians 1..
  • page 6. Lock the vault and then in the main room , look at it. Codex page.

  • .

  • Pretorian Token 5. In the throne room, lower the weight suspended down by punching a hole. go down the elevator. Find the knight wearing an object in the room that is round.
  • Toy 3.. This is your problem. This is not just in this particular level, but also in the entire game. Behind the knight who is the token in the round room is a large pit which you need to leap. It’s extremely high, and in the middle of its height is a lattice that has cracks in it. You must cut the lattice off in the fall at a high speed, then dive into the hole to obtain the toy. It’s likely to take many attempts, so you’ll reach the top of the level where speedy travel is available. After that, you can port to the throne room , and repeat the process until you have the item.
  • Page Codex 7. The second wall can be climbed after you have left the previous radioactive pool. You will be able to kill the demons before moving forward to locate the page.
  • Wizard’s Token 2.. You must go to the final room to locate the token. It’s not concealed by any means.
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Secret Skirmishes

    • Secret Skirmish 1. In the vast courtyard, the possibility of a major battle is waiting. Find it to the left by looking at the large statue, you must get up and move.

Secret Skirmish 1

  • Secret Skirmish 2. The same room is the cheat previously mentioned.

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