All the Secrets of DOOM Eternal Bloody Supernest (walkthrough)

Discuss all the secrets of 4th mission DOOM Eternal Cheat codes Codx, mod bots toys, tokens, albums, and more.

The fifth story mission contains many more interesting items. You’ll be able to defeat the majority of them easily. In some hidden places, the developers have hidden various items at once. So, should you fail to find one spot, it will result in the loss of a couple of items in one go. We’ll also show you where to find each item!

There are 23 collectibles available in the supernest of bloody demons. There are also hidden skirmishes, and the Executioner’s gate.

When you have completed the game, The quick move feature is enabled, and you can search for every part of the globe. The automap will simplify the process. You’ll be able to locate it once you activate one of the two generators designed to take out the core inside the bird’s nest.

All collectibles from the Bloody Super Nest mission:
  • Pages of Code 1. Take one of the trains, then climb over the sagging cliff along the highway, then search for the page.
  • Toy1. There are rungs within the room, along with the flesh-colored pillar. Utilize both to find the toy.
  • Mod-Bot 1. On the other side of the wall in the next room, you’ll be able to see an and hologram. There’s a mod-bot hiding within the corner. If you spot a piece of paper that has Star Mall written on it then turn around and jump across the chasm to the opposite side.
  • Toy 2. In the arena that has the disgusting crusher that has teeth Pay attention to the rungs that are on both sides of the ascending and descending column. You can swing on one of them and then jump into the alcove that is above. Turn around, then jump in the second room.
  • Pretorian Token 1. A teleporter located in the room you have to remove the symbol of cruelty leads you to a place where there is an image of the Praetorian at the end of the room. You can take the token away from her!

  • .
  • Rune 1. After you have applied keys in yellow to open the doors, make a right and then use the booster to access the rune.
  • Rune 1.
  • ChitCode1. Take the leftmost side of the ledge that has three slots to accommodate the multicolored keys. On the next platform, then turn back and gaze at the sockets for keys. Within the structure’s meaty part there is a gap discovered on the side wall. Cut it open to reveal the floppy disk that contains the code.
  • Page Code 2.. From the wall you are able to climb upto to the right side. It has three key slots. Follow this to enter into the structure by the inscribed Ivan. This is the path that leads into The Codex page. From here, you can return to the huge meat column.
  • Crystal Guardian 1. After you have walked down an elevator shaft eliminate the enemies, then turn left. The corner has The Guardian crystal.

  • Crystal of the Guardian

  • .
  • page 3. 3 of Codex. In the room you can observe the machine gun in the glass with armor and in the corner, is that Codex page.
  • Guards Battery 1. After receiving the insulating suit, proceed to the left, then follow the tunnel using the acid until the end. Then climb the ledge near the wall, and get to the Guardian Battery.
  • Toy3. From the earlier Guardian battery, head to the bottom of the pit. Go to the right to locate the toy and the portal that leads towards the battery.
  • The Praetorian Token 2. After getting the bloody red key, return to the area where you first received the suit of isolation. Go to the left, and you will find the statue with the token at the bottom of the road.
  • Mod-Bot 2. Before entering the teleporter, you must go to the meat room, next to the generator. Click the button and proceed to the left side of the wall, and you will find the mod-bot in hiding.
  • Mod-bot 2.
  • The Praetorian Token 3. After completing the second totem of cruelty, continue to jump using the rungs on the left. Begin to accelerate towards the wall and ascend to the platform on top. A token can be found just to the right of the moving block.
  • Battery Guardian 2. You’ll find the battery when you’re in the second room with the hologram behind the glowing Super Mario Bros. style pillars to the left.

  • Battery.
  • Album 2. Before you smash into the wall surrounding the hologram, move forward and leap through the window onto the second set of bars that rotate. Then you will arrive on the platform using the plate.
  • Run 2. The wall is broken in front of the hologram and takes the route to the rune.
  • Pretorian Token 4. Press the button inside the pit with radioactivity, and then return to the opening aisle and use teeth to locate the slope towards the second pit. The walls can be moved around with no fear of falling. When you reach the 3rd wall, leap over to the next wall. Turn around to see the ledge, which has an object. Grab it.
  • Album 1. After you’ve obtained the bloody blue key, walk through the front doors by opening them with it. Return to the open area, and you will see the huge column. You can open it by pressing the blue key and leaping upwards using the springboard. Then, fly to the other side of the closest building or another home with a damaged wall. The album is in the house.
  • The Praetorian Token 5. After you have opened the blue door, you will be taken to the room that has the column that is slamming (you have already been there). Locate the destructible wall to destroy it, then jump onto the column that is brimming with other life. The column will fall, and two niches in the sides will be revealed. In one niche will be a knight and a token. From the other one will come out kicks.
  • Battery Guardian 3. Use the blue key to the springboard in the large, meaty column located in the middle in one of two areas left open. Cling to the wall, and then climb upwards into the structure. Unlock the door, and then jump into the hole to kill the creature in the front. Continue to search the floor to find the battery.
  • The Executioner’s Gate and the Executioner’s Key. Find the key to the Hangman’s Gate in the same area that was the previous Guardian battery. You’ll be able to leap from the structure and go to the Executioner’s gate in the front.
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Secret Skirmishes

  • Secret Skirmish 1. A teleporter within the room you’re looking for one of the totems of the vile leads towards the shrine of the hidden skirmish.
  • Secret Skirmish 2. The area in which you will find the insulating suit, and then by jumping up using the rungs to smash the lattice, you will be able to go to the vent, you’ll arrive at the area that has the fireballs. The ledge is on the right, then go up the wall until you reach the top of the floor. This is the place where the altar will be.

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