All DOOM Eternal Urdak secrets (walkthrough)

In this article, we will reveal all the secrets of this eleventh episode of DOOM Eternal Cheat codes such as Codex, mod bots toys, tokens, albums

The quest includes 14 items and 2 skirmishes that are secret during this adventure. Find out more information about it here!

Every single one of the Urdak Mission collectibles:
  • Page Codex 1. Enter through the front door, and then left to open the page.
  • Wizard’s Token 1.. After activating the booster, you can open doors by firing the screen right after the leap. Then, turn around and shoot the green panel on the ceiling and only visible on this end. Make sure to jump on the wall that appears and then climb to reach the token.
  • Page Code 2.. Then, climb the soaring sarcophagi and climb the high ledges. As you climb, take a look at the book.
  • Album 1. You must turn around and leap over the chasm to the left on the previous album page. You can break the wall and get the album.
  • Album 2. After hitting the statue, ascend to the top of the vent. When you are at your vent, you can turn and utilize your crossbar, the record that is on the opposite side.
  • Wizard’s Token 2.. After striking the statue and climbing into the flame, leap onto the ledge, then turn to locate that master token.
  • Page Codex 3. After the fight in Rock Hunter, after the showdown with Rock Hunter, look for the crossbar to allow you to access the switch. Click it, and then search for the page.
  • Toy 1.. If you are required to place the rings in the right direction, take a look to the left from the platform’s edge and then find the hole in the rock. In the background, there is an opening that will allow you to return.
  • Pretorian Token 1. After defeating the Marauder, go to the rear part of the zone. In the left corner are some stones. Then jump on them and sprint towards the ledge on the right.
  • Toy 2.. When you load VEGA, leap over all the boosts, take out the demons, and continue. Take a step under the ledge. then turn around, and to the left, you’ll find the rocks. Make use of them to climb to the top using the toy.
  • Page Codex 4.. Then, jump off the ledge and proceed ahead. Then you will see the Codex web page for the Codex.
  • Toy 3. When you have activated the second ring, take the elevator and walk out. Then turn left and run into the corner to locate the toy.
  • The Praetorian Token 2. Make use of the boosters to get into the 3rd control panel. Be sure to take care of the Tyrant and the other demons, walk through the door, and look for the knight holding the token at the rear of the room.
  • Chit Code 1.. When you activate the third ring, leave the room through the door to your left. Begin to approach the platform using the accelerator pedal; however, don’t utilize the gas pedals. Then turn around and look the other way. It is possible to jump off the ledge that is on the right. There is an unbreakable wall. You can break through it and obtain an access disk.

Secret Clashes

    • Secret Skirmish 1. After passing through many vents, there will be zombies, cacodemons, pain elemental, and many others below. After eliminating them all, return to the exit through which you arrived. Use the block to push it and use it to get into the hole on the top, which is located on the opposite side of the hallway. The statue is in front of you. there is a statue to be pushed into.
  • Secret Clash 2. Once you have four pages of Codex above, make use of the boosters to reach the new structure. Remove the enemy from the area and then look through the wide windows at the rear. Destruct the wall just to the left of the ladders.

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