All DOOM Eternal Urdak secrets (walkthrough)

The full story of the secrets revealed in DoOM Eternal’s eleventh mission. DOOM Eternal Cheat codes Codex, mod bots toys, tokens albums

It is possible to collect 14 different items to be found and two skirmishes that are secret during this adventure. Find out more information about it here!

Every single one of the Urdak Mission collectibles:
  • Page Codex 1. Enter through the front door, and turn left . You will be able to read the page.
  • Wizard’s Token 1.. After using the booster unlock your door and shoot the panels just before the leap. Then, turn around to shoot the red ceiling panel and only visible through this direction. The wall appears and climb it to reach the token.
  • Page Code 2.. Later, you can climb the soaring sarcophagis to reach the high cliffs. As you climb take a look at the book.

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  • Album 1. On the first page,, you must turn around and leap over the chasm to the left. The wall must be broken and you can retrieve the album.
  • Album 2. After you have hit the statue, climb up to the vent. Once you reach your vent, you can turn back and make use of your crossbar the record on the opposite side.
  • Wizard’s Token 2.. After smashing the statue and then ascending into the vent jump onto the ledge, then turn to discover that master token.
  • Page Codex 3. After the battle in The Rock Hunter, look for the crossbar that allows you to reach the switch. Press it, then search for the page.
  • Toy 1.. If you need to place the rings in the right direction take a look to the left at the edges of the platform. find the opening in the rock where it is. There is behind it an opening that will allow you to return.

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  • Pretorian Token 1. After beating the Marauder then go to the rear to the back of the region. In the left corner are some stones. Run over them, sprint to the left side of the ledge.
  • Toy 2.. When you load VEGA climb over those boosters, take out the monsters and move on. Take a step under the ledge. then turn around, and to the left side you’ll see the rocks. Utilize them to reach the top using the toy.
  • Page Codex 4.. Then, jump off the ledge, and then continue ahead. There is a webpage of the Codex.
  • Toy 3. When you have activated the second ring take the elevator and walk to the outside via the door. Then turn left and run around the corner until you find the toy.
  • The Praetorian Token 2. Utilize the boosters to get through the second control panel. Be sure to take care of the Tyrant and other demons. enter through the door and at the rear of the room, look for the knight holding the token.
  • Chit Code 1.. When you activate the third ring walk outside and exit through the door to your left. The platform is accessible with accelerator pedal, however don’t utilize the platform. Reverse and take a look in the opposite direction. It is possible to jump off the ledge that is on the right. There is a wall that is destructible. Get through it to get an access disk.
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Secret encounters

    • Secret Skirmish 1. After going through several vents, you’ll encounter an undead, a cacodemon pain elemental, and many others below. After you’ve killed all of them, go back to the vent you came to this point. Use the block to push it and utilize it to climb up the hole on the top, located at the opposite party in the hallway. The statue is in front of you. There is a statue to be pushed into.


  • Secret Clash 2. Once you have four pages of Codex above, you can use the boosters to access the new structure. Get rid of the enemies and take a look at the large windows at the rear. The wall is destructible just to the left of the ladders.

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