All DOOM Eternal Secrets (walkthrough)

In this article, we will reveal all the secrets of DoOM’s 9th mission DOOM Eternal cheat codes Codex, mod bots toys, tokens albums

The game’s end is close! In this level, you’ll find 13 collectibles all at once. Additionally, there will be hidden battles.

All collectibles from Necravol level. Necravol level:
  • Crystal of the Guardians 1.. Make a left turn and follow the route when you get to the gate. Over the cannons spitting flames, turn left, and you will find the crystal.
  • page 1. from the Codex. After ascending the wall to the left of the gate, there is a room full of enemies. After defeating them all, proceed forward, leap over the gaps, and head to the left side to locate the next page.
  • Toy 1.. In the main room, where you will fight with the Baron of Hell, Utilize the broken column to reach the other side. Then, jump up and press against the wall. Using the crossbar and climbing over the other wall higher. Jump up and discover more life in the gap. There’s a toy in the cave below. Be sure to start by opening the gate in the first place.
  • Pretorian Token 1. After you’ve killed your big brain up the wall and then climb the ledges. There is an intersection. Go to the left to view the knight holding the coin.
  • Master’s Token 1. The second area, which has crushing trap (and two kicks that are invisible) in the very of the room is a token from the master.
  • It is the Praetorian Token 2. The path will be to the left of the room, using the trap of the crusher and the invisible kicks until you find the knight.
  • Toy 2.. Starting from the 2nd Praetorian token, move forward until you are on the ledge. Get off and then turn to the other side. There will be a small gap leading towards the shrine of the hidden skirmish. Follow the trail and then turn left to view the toy.
  • Toy3. If you can see two crushers, smash the wall to the right, just under the first. Make sure to do this before the Executioner becomes the mush.
  • Wizard’s Token 2.. It is in the same room as the first toys (#3).
  • Album 1. After eliminating the enemies within the room using the violent totem, take a look at the wall to their left. Nearby, there are a few blocks that are rising. Use them to jump off the wall and then to the ledge to the left. Click the switch to unlock the door you had walked through earlier. You can go back and open the album. The altar for the secret skirmish is there.

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  • Chit Code 1.. In the room to the left of the crushers, where is the marauder as well as whips, look around to you will see the rising cages. Drop down – which is to the point where the cells rise in order to reach the secret location using your cheat code.
  • Page Code 2.. Follow the main route after the Marauder , and you will find the page.
  • the Praetorian’s token 3.. The room is where you have to fight the two Hunters of the Rock. You need to leap up, get over the traps, and finally reach the knight holding the token. You have to go through this room in order to remove the statue.
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Secret Skirmishes

  • Secret Skirmish 1. In the room, there is a second toy.
  • Secret Skirmish 2. In the same room as the album.

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