All DOOM Eternal secrets of the Guardian’s stronghold (walkthrough)

Informing all the secrets in seven of the missions in DOOM Eternal including the Praetorian badge as well as some of the Codex

Only ten items are available to be found in this quest. The majority of them are not located on the main route, and you don’t have to read this guide to discover them. It’s also not difficult to identify the AutoCAD because it’s situated on the left of the staircase, where the story marker will be. There aren’t any personal conflicts and keys that lead to The Executioner’s Gate.

The entire collection of collectibles from the Keep of Guardians:

  • Page Codex 1. Cross the bridge and search for the page prior to taking the next turn.
  • Page Codex 2.. Utilize the elevator to get another page.
  • This is the Codex page 2..
  • Page 3.. Go through to the Kahn the creator hologram, and continue forward until you reach that third and final page.
  • Page 3..
  • Page Codex 4.. Before jumping on the edge, turn to the right, then pull it up.
  • Page 5. After climbing both ledges, switch to the left, and you’ll be able to see a second item.
  • This is the Codex Page 5.
  • Page 6.. When you get to the stairs, turn left and then go ahead. The book is in a tiny room near the from the end of the walkway.
  • Pretorian Token 1. Take the stairs to the front and then turn left. Follow the road until you come to the gap. Make sure to jump and speed up by jerking your body until you reach the knight.
  • Page Codex 7. Before you get to an elevator next to you, check for the Codex page to your left.
  • This is the Codex 7.7 page.
  • Pages 8. After you have used the elevator to the top, return to the elevator and take the page.
  • Codex page 8. Codex pages 8.
  • Page 9. Before you enter to the area with bosses, glance to the right and pull up the previous page.
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