Age Of Empires IV Design Director Leaves Relic Entertainment Where He Worked For Almost 24 Years

Relic Entertainment has quit one of the principal designers the design director Quinn Duffy, who was with the studio for more than 24 years.

It was revealed via it’s LinkedIn profile. In his profile, he commented on his part in the development of Age of Empires IV and his final game with Relic: the Relic:

I am extremely pleased with the work of the team for Age of Empires IV. When I worked at Relic, I had an interest in both history and the realistic strategy genre. This is why I was thrilled to contribute to the creation of a brand new game in this adored and revered franchise.

Duffy began with Relic in 1998 as a designer at a lower level before he was made director of design in the year 2010. He was involved not just on RTSs such as Homeworld, Impossible Creatures and Company of Heroes as well as playing the game of action Warhammer Space Marine. Space Marine.

The developer quit the company and where his next steps are unclear.

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