After the Fall Review – Scary Alone Fun with Friends Review

In the middle of December last the year, Vertigo Games launched a new horror game for virtual reality systems designed to allow co-operative game play. We finally had a chance to play upon After this Fall and are thrilled to share our thoughts.

  • Producer: Vertigo Games
  • Publisher: Vertigo Games
  • Please mark the date: December 9, 2021

Vertigo Games is among the teams that keep VR platforms current with top-quality games. Their most well-known game is the horror-themed shooting game Arizona Sunshine, which is currently in its sixth year and is called one of the top VR games.

Arizona Sunshine had everything we like about zombie shooters: an engaging story that combines humor and horror elements, an impressive arsenal and impact, beautiful graphics, and levels of design. The only thing that it did not have was a decent cooperative mode.

The game was designed for single-player play. Arizona Sunshine offered the group just a basic “horde,” where a handful of friends, facing each other, fight to eliminate all of the dead as they can before they break their bones in the desert. However, even that wasn’t enough to lure a group of friends to join the VR club, where you could quickly shoot zombies.

But, Vertigo Games is determined to develop their unique Left 4 Dead for virtual reality. Having a major rival in the form of Candymakers with their SURV1V3 at the end didn’t stop After the Fall from becoming the most advanced 4 player co-op game in VR.

The incidents in After the Fall unfolds in an alternate reality set in a devastated Los Angeles. Because of a climate catastrophe, the second glacier has erupted worldwide. Research designed to increase humanity’s resistance to cold caused terrible changes, and monsters infested the roads while survivors fled under the ground.

The circumstances lead your character to a cleanser situated within the premises of an underground station. The brave souls venture out over to the Rube (in The Line game) to sift out a few clusters of snowy undead that are in close areas. They also collect a substance from the bodies of their victims that is then used to create the cure for freezing.

While more than two decades have passed since the beginning of winter, eternal technological advances have frozen in the 80s era. The environment and equipment used in the game are retro-futuristic, however, without the flashy neon and blasters. electronic music, primitive computers, weapons made from scratch with microchips embedded in them, and arcade machines.

I’m still unsure of what the story that follows in After the Fall justifies them yet, but the automatons of this world have evolved into robots that let players can join for raids, buy guns and improve their items: take an assault rifle and select an item from the menu of automaton.

Like Left 4 Dead, in the primary mode after it’s Fall, players in groups of four (if there are no players or there aren’t enough players to be replaced, the system will replace them with bots that are pretty good) can sweep and explore the levels. fight bosses, and even take part in”panic events” where you are required to complete tasks while fighting the crowd.

through missions, the participants are rewarded with extracts and also find discs that contain upgraded weapons or upgrades, and with them, they increase their combat capabilities to be ready for the next mission.

What I loved:

It’s the greatest version of Left 4 Dead mechanics to the present, with modifications to VR gaming headsets. Like Turtle Rock’s gameplay, players need to be quick to react and shoot precisely, or ammo will quickly expire, and snowdrops will eat them up.

It is important to note that the killed person doesn’t fall into the earth; instead, it remains in place. And if the other party can locate an antifreeze syringe is returned to action. The death here takes by way of a prolonged freeze, which is not just in line with the story; however, it also prevents creators from needing to “drop” the player wearing VR glasses on the ground.

By the rules governing the style, the levels are separated into zones with arcade vending machines that can be used to replenish consumables. Players can carry two items as well as two weapons in their belts. If you wander around a place and come across an important floppy, you’ll need to drop the bomb or syringe to clear space within your arsenal.

The shooting mechanics were borrowed from Arizona Sunshine: weapons feel well, sights don’t get broken, butts do not hinder the shooting, and the two-handed grips work properly. Like before, it’s possible to shoot Macedonian style with the cost of greater recoil. The game’s impact is outstanding; Vertigo Games knows something about this.

The style of the levels is subtle. However, they are also exciting and diverse, with branches and even hidden passageways where you can locate valuable floppy disks and weapons. If you make it through, you’ll be able to take both the upgrade and the gun along. Unfortunately, there’s no storage space or backpacks in After the Fall, and everything you acquire remains yours for as long as you live as your avatar.

Monsters don’t appear out of the woods. Levels show locations and bleeding dens in which snowdrops can huddle. I’ve seen several kinds of zombies on my own, including slow walking, crawling across ceilings, running, and being protected by ice-shells of different forces.

There are bosses in this game, such as a fast bouncer, a gigantic and deadly juggernaut dressed in police armor, an exploding fat man, or even a real gigantic, which is why you must be safe by shooting weak points at his huge body. The virtual world is where it becomes more terrifying when you see one of the massive figures among the group.

After the Fall features stunning graphics and is almost in line with Half-Life Alix with high-resolution texture, real shadows, captivating characters, and extremely realistic monsters.

In addition, there are plenty of interactive elements that you can interact with and even destruct the surroundings in the form of a flurry of bullets. And most importantly, an excellently designed shot registration system, something that even the brand new Back 4 Blood can not claim.

Monsters’ limbs fly off, the growths separating and skulls breaking, pieces of frozen flesh cut off by large calibers, which expose their internal organs. If you blow off a snowdrop’s limb and it will crawl. blow its arms off, and it will try to grab the victim by gnashing its teeth.

Developers have created a unique advancement method. several types of firearms are available in After the Fall (pistols, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns, assault rifles) with hundreds of modifications and customizing elements. Most of them are unobtainable initially – once you finish the story, search for floppy disks with modifications.

In the workshop is a machine that extracts the material as a trade-off for guns and enhancements to the guns. You mount the upgrades by installing them on a workbench and then dismantling them using a welder.

The avatar, too, can be altered. There are currently only a handful of skins available within After the Fall. The majority are only available when certain conditions are met. For instance, when you complete your story or kill a certain amount of dead snow zombies.

After the Fall features various difficulty levels and modes accessible. There are now six massive levels of cooperation within the primary reaping mode. Each level can be played with one of four difficulty levels, ranging From the simplest, where there’s no need for partners, up to the complicated, where injuries are unavoidable, and enemies can be extremely vicious.

The more difficult the game is, the greater the reward and the rarer discs that you will have an opportunity to locate. Apart from the campaign, there’s the traditional endless mode “Horde,” which is because, for some reason, it’s still loved by local players, along with PVP-match in which players compete against the other players.

after the fall will be extremely demanding on hardware, yet with various game options. Players can manually simplify shadow maps, adjust the resolution of their textures, alter the level of rendering and anti-aliasing, and simplify monster models. Don’t just pick between performance and quality, as is usually the case when using VR games; however, adapt the game to your system.

The accessibility settings for accessibility Vertigo Games don’t forget either Standing and sitting modes tunnel vision settings that include the vignette radius and movement types. You can adjust the holster’s height and calibrate it and select the kind of grip and disable the parameter of the weapon’s weight. You can consider all the features you require to play an enjoyable game in virtually real-time.

What’s not to love:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any melee weapons available in After the Fall. The game is all about shooting galleries, and if you’re running out of ammunition, you must rush to find a storage container or die hoping that your team will be able to battle off an army of monsters. Even though weapons mechanics that use stamina consumption for VR-based projects have been developed and are working well, Vertigo Games decided to leave them out.

Matchmaker doesn’t work well. There are many players on the hub; however, finding a suitable partner for the initial or moderate difficulty of the terminal is virtually impossible. The only method that can be used to raid others is by joining a group or creating your own. However, in the first case, you’ll be relegated to hardcore. In the second, you’ll be cut off from partners if the mode or complexity isn’t suitable for them.

Why can’t just switch to the final alternative, “quick game” with no level selection? However, they could choose a level of difficulty or offer players the chance for players to play in the session rather than the bot – that’s the most significant issue After The Fall. My opinion is that the success of a cooperative game is mainly dependent on how easy it is for players to locate a group of players to play with.

Is it worth picking up?

For those who don’t know, After the Fall is one of the most technologically advanced multiplayer zombie shooters and has gained an enviable amount of play. It’s one game that you shouldn’t miss, even if you’re wearing an immersive headset.

After the Fall was released for PC, PlayStation VR, Oculus Quest 2 is now being translated to Russian However; it’s unfortunately not accessible to Russian players today. However, if the Vertigo Games comes back to our market, you should be certain to join or play it in one of the specialized VR clubs.

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