AER: Memories Of Old is as beautiful as it sounds

AER: Memories Of Old has its roots in platform games similarly to a RiME game we tested in the past. It’s a profoundly moving and emotional experience that lets you be a part of an environment that has its unique meaning, but without making players participate in the game’s actions.

You assume the character of Auk, a healthy young woman who makes the journey to the heavens. An adventure that takes players to a floating island to solve various puzzles and allow you to discover what beauty lies within the ruin left behind by a lost civilization. The game is aided on your journey by a magical lantern, which gives you the power to change into an Eagle at any time. The ruins of these are called dungeons within AER and can be destroyed in any order you wish because the world is open right from the beginning and, well, after the short period of initiation and it gives you a sense of complete freedom, particularly in the air.

But, frustration often occurs in these underground environments. It is common to get confused by the all-time similarity of the settings that comprise the scene. The presence of a few carefully placed monuments or objects could have eased this frustration, providing visual clues to make it clear which corridors you are walking along!”

Then there’s the issue of its length. If you’re looking for a long and tedious experience, you will be disappointed. AER Memories of Old is a concise adventure and leaves you with very little after you’ve finished it. The story is an absolute pleasure, and the feeling will leave a bitter taste on your tongue. You’ll be able to refrain from playing it over and over again, and that’s precisely the way to go after having been enjoying the game.

In general, the activities that the AER world AER provides aren’t stimulating . You will, however, desire to return to fly and spin across the area in the air, flapping your wings.

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