Actor Idris Elba Got Into Video Games Thanks To Commodore 64 And Piracy

“Sonic 2: At the Movies” is scheduled to release in theatres, and the Web is full of interviews with the actors in the film. For instance, Knuckles’ voice Idris Elba discussed his gaming habits – it is revealed that he’s bought every console he could reach for a long time.

Game play on Elba started at the age of Commodore 64 -a home computer in the 1980s. “I remember that you could get an audio cassette blank and record a game onto it. Then you had to remove the tape’s tongues to make sure you didn’t accidentally record the game,” he says. But, unfortunately, there was a Commodore 64 that was notorious for the ease with which it was possible to copy games from the console as well as Elba, according to his own words, was also a sinner.

When Elba began making money, he purchased an SEGA Mega Drive and has bought “almost each console” since when. In interviews, he carried an item in his bag that contained an Nintendo Switch. In the present, Elba is primarily playing FIFA as well as races.

Nakles of the film along with Idris Elba.

He also has a 7-year-old son. In the movie, Elba agreed to be a part of “Sonic 2” to have something to share with his kids and to watch with them. Elba Jr. is also a gamer: “[Do you play video games with your son? He’s a fan of Minecraft as well as Roblox? Caution. Be careful. Your child could be lost. ” Elba said Elba in an interview in an interview.

For “Sonic in Movies,” an additional third installment and series starring Knuckles are already being announced. However, during an interview, Idris Elba states that he’s content to play the character as the red echidna and above.

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