Activision Blizzard Has Fired Nearly 40 Employees Since The Unhealthy Work Culture Case Began

The Wall Street Journal reports that Activision Blizzard has dismissed thirty employees, and punished over 40 workers in July 2021. The high-profile workplace culture scandal went public.

In tackling sexual harassment and other signs of a toxic workplace, employees within Activision Blizzard created an internal report with more than 700 complaints by employees. The reports often describe the same situation from different angles.

Activision Blizzard spokesperson Helaine Klasky confirmed that 37 employees “left” from the business. Forty-four employees were removed from the company as a result of an investigation.

However, the claim of 700 complaints Clasky has been denied. The report contained statements by employees who had posted on social media. The topics ranged from harmless workplace issues to serious allegations which have been looked into.

According to WSJ, the report could be released before the beginning of the winter holiday season, but bobby Kotick, head of Activision Blizzard, decided to delay the release. If they had removed the report before December, their troubles might appear more severe than they are. Clasky has quickly stated that this wasn’t true as well: “We’re focused on the publication of accurate data. ”

Additionally, Clasky said that the board of the company believes in Kotick and praised his leadership qualities and his willingness to tackle the company’s issues.

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