A Small Excerpt From Ill A Spectacular Meaty Horror Film From The Domestic Team

Team Clout is a band with roots in the United States that date through Tula. The band began to make a name for themselves a little over one year ago when they released portions of their horror film called ILL. The band has now Clout has released another episode. Clout has released a second small episode.

Ill was particularly impressive due to its beefy style The game is packed with brutal destruction, and the opponents are mangled with damaged, twisted bodies. However, in the latest episode there’s nothing like that there’s just a damaged area where something awful occurred.

The company claims that the video was 100% recorded in the game. The engine used in Unreal Engine 5. Voice actors include Nick Apostolides; Leon from the
Resident Evil 2) and Alec Gillis (Alec Gillis; master of physical effects and physical effects in films working on “Aliens,” Starfleet, and numerous different films).

The ILL is not out at this time. It appears, however, that production is gradually increasing: Team Clout has been awarded a development grant by the Epic MegaGrants. The team also is still raising money through donations through Patreon.

A bonus to those that did not get enough substance in the latest clip some concept art ILL.

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