A review of The Medium – Not at all scary, but very interesting Review

The spiritualist session was a huge success. We were able to spend seven hours immersed in the story of the brand new project by Bloober Team, the Polish Studio Bloober Team. We awoke awake in real life eager to share our experiences. The full details of the suspenseful The Medium in our review.

  • Producer: Bloober Team
  • Author: Bloober Team SA
  • Please note: January 28, 2021

Concerning The Medium, expectations have been cautious. On one hand The game’s past track record includes the highly successful Layers of Fear and Observer. On the otherhand, there was the less well-liked Layers of Fear 2 and Blair Witch.

Hope was sparked through the music of the composer Akira Yamaoka, who previously worked on the Silent Hill series, Troy Baker on the list of cast members and its status as one of the top exclusives to Xbox Series X Xbox Series X | S. So, it’s possible to say that it was more probable that expectations would be fulfilled than not, but there’s no way to evaluate The Medium to iconic games from this genre.

The Medium The Medium stars Marianne as psychic girl who can move between the physical and spiritual world. She can also serve as a guide to lost souls. Marianne was an abandoned child who has no family members to speak of. One day, she gets an unexpected call from Thomas who tells her she is required to visit Niva, a deserted Hotel Niva, where she will discover the secrets of her roots and her supernatural abilities. When she is all set to leave she has no idea what challenges lie ahead for her ahead of her.

The hotel was abandoned by the locals due to a reason. Several years ago, a horrific incident took place here, and was known as the ‘Niva massacre’. In the aftermath it was discovered that the creature responsible for the murder remains in the shabby hotel: it’s called Jaws and it’s hungry. Marianne is, thanks to her abilities are a clue for the Maw. With her help , Jaws is able to exit the netherworld and back into the real world. There will also be people who wish to assist Marianne – like that spirit of a single-armed girl: she doesn’t recall his name, he calls himself Sadness and offers clues for the next actions.

It’s interestingto note that certain locations of The Medium are based on real world. For instance, Niva was inspired by the Krakowia Hotel, and the home that Marianne reside in has been a copy of the building located in Krakow as well as appearing on Observer: System Redux.

The Medium was an inspiration from a structure in Krakow.

The more Marianne moves along her journey, the more she discovers about the fates of people who lived in Niva and, most importantly the past of her. The creators have created an engaging story which, in spite of its fluid pace, is enthralling and captivating but doesn’t make you want to avoid cutscenes or the dialogue on your phone.

The creators have tied the posts-war Polish history (not not forgetting to throw an oblique swipe towards the USSR) and family drama, and supernatural horror. Sometimes , the story is boring there are some unanswered questions but most importantly I’d like to complain about the conclusion: I will not ruin it however, the players did not finish the story in a dignified manner, and left the main scene of the ending off screen.

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However, bigger and bolder projects have accomplished similar things. But a little bit is still left. There’s a flaw in the storyline of The Medium – it’s not a scary story. Sure, the plot is fun and the style for the beast is stunning however there aren’t truly scary episodes that will stay in your mind or cause goosebumps.

Silent Hill had creepy creatures which looked horribly unnatural; Resident Evil had realistic zombies and almost invincible bosses. Layers of Fear had creepy jump scares, with constantly changing surroundings and screechers. In fact, Blair Witch had the suspense of the unknowable lurking in the dark forest.

The Medium isn’t similar to that. Amazingly atmospheric (arriving in “Niva” has triggered memories of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Chernobylite) However, it’s not terrifying. There aren’t any screamers and Chernobylite is a complete absence of frightening images, and Jaws is completely absurd: in the scenes in which Marianne is forced to flee against the creature, there’s no challenge – you navigate around it by closing your eyes and the episodes of stealth require a few minutes, if not more. In a short time, you can recognize the patterns in Maw’s behavior and are eager to trigger the button to end the hunt.

Perhaps I should have created the monster similar to Mr. X from Resident Evil 2–an unstoppable stalker always on the move, never doing anything to let you relax. Although I’m not a fan of immortal enemies but it could have increased the intensity of the game.

However this strategy could be a good fit for projects with huge branches, like the police station of the previously mentioned RE2. The Medium, however The Medium, however, The entire story is a straight line between one important point and another. In essence, we’re presented by a walk-through, which is free of battles and occasional puzzles, focusing on story rather than gaming.

If you recall those Silent Hill series games, they are a mix of exploration puzzles, combat, and exploration. “Medium” is the only game that completely removes the third element, and you shouldn’t consider exploring the surroundings and solving puzzles full-time gameplay mechanics. The locations are compact so you don’t have to get lost within the midst of them. While in Silent Hill there was a three-story hospital in which one had to find using maps and a map, in The Medium it’s good if you have two or three rooms as well as an open corridor. Notes and items for quests are located on display and puzzles are simple and interesting spots are carefully lit by pressing an arrow.

The game is a unique dual-reality based design. The picture is split in two and Marianne experiences two different worlds – the current one, and the second simultaneously. Because of this feature the developers had to decide not to make the game available to Xbox One, and for the PC to boost the system requirements. The game has two versions of the scene, in which the heroine completes various tasks. For instance, she can activate the source of energy in one, which then starts the generator in another or moves slowly, protected by an energy shield from a moth swarm and in the second scenario, she’s walking along the hallway.
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Sometimes Marianne is able to “go beyond herself” leaving her body and move through an alternate reality discover, for instance, the switch or another important object that she can’t reach within her own world. Marianne’s body is defenseless at present, but there’s no need to worry about it. Unless you’re in one episode, there’s no risk to it, which means you’re free to discover a new reality.

The Otherworld appears stunning. The warm, orange tones and unnatural growths create the feeling of awe even the feeling of hostility. The walls appear to grow flesh, and dead hands hang over the ceiling. In this place, you can summon ghostly energy which can be used to activate generators and shield yourself from Pastey Here you will find traces of your memories which Marianne recreates using her powers and, at times, you need to aid those spirits who have remained at the inn to locate the right mask and discover the name of the man who was left behind.

It’s not just the virtual world that’s gorgeous but the actual world too. I was unable to determine where the cutscene ended and the game begins. The architectural design of the buildings entices the eye with its modernist style, while the interiors are brimming with details. The forests… The forest in Blair Witch the Bloober Team proved that they can create beautiful forest scenes However, here they have outdone themselves. The only issue is that it’s impossible to get lost amid the trees. The story follows the well-worn route, and doesn’t allow players to escape the road. If this kind of environment is integrated into open-world games and we’re able to safely declare that Nextgen is here.

In order to ruin the effect of the visuals is only poor animation, the cause that the character model of the protagonist is strange in photorealistic settings. Some people may not like the fixed camera, but I believe it is a kind of tribute to classic horror genre and does not hinder the gameplay. Additionally, those with less equipped with the latest technology should be prepared for occasional fps drops In the episodes that feature split reality, the frame rates drop by around half.

The music was written by Akira Yamaoka, who worked with composer Arkadiusz Rejkowski on the soundtrack for the game. Influence of Silent Hill mastermind is apparent throughout the soundtrack and it is more evident in the voice that are sung by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, also famous for her work on various episodes of SH. There’s no issue with the sound of the game and, if you’re playing with quality headphones, you’ll be able to experience the game at 100.

Due to The linear nature of the narrative and game’s low level of complexity and the difficulty of the puzzles, The Medium cannot compete with the most popular horror games. However the game is stunning, atmospheric and captivating. It’s a nice walking simulator however don’t expect much more than that.

The Medium is accessible to free by Xbox Game Pass subscribers on MS and Xbox Series X | S.

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