A review of The Guise – It’s not okay to take things that aren’t yours Review

The central idea of this meetroid The Guise in the subtitle is a vivid description of a young man identified as Ogden who has taken an uninvited mask to be a monster. What can he do to assist him in getting out of the mess we’ll tell you in our review.

  • Producer: Rasul Mono
  • Publisher: GameNet
  • Date of release: October 20, 2020

What is the game’s purpose?

Ogden and the other kids reside in an orphanage and are under the supervision of the caregiver Mallory. On a particular day, she goes away for a short time and she leaves the door to her bedroom unlocked. the children who are curious, quickly enter.

Then they find witchcraft items, and a young boy’s interest is caught by the mysterious mask. When he wears the mask, Ogden changes a bit – He now appears to be the monster from nightmares. The child escapes the orphanage only to find himself in a world of dangers. Every resident of which would like to murder him. However, Mallory, who arrives at the scene, is not mad at the hero she promises to help him get back to his appearance. However, the journey back to normal is not a simple one.

Guise Guise is a game of metroidvania which combines action and puzzles. It comes with a vast map as well as a range of routes that are locked until the player is able to gain a skill or tool to assist them in overcoming these obstacles.
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Ogden explores levels searching for clues, fighting off opponents and looking for eyes to boost the monster’s abilities . He starts with a basic attack however, his abilities gradually increase and new abilities, such as the poison balls, are learned by defeating monsters.

The game’s world is comprised of several “rooms” linked with loading screens. Within each one rooms, you’ll come across a myriad of strange monsters, ranging including spear-wielding soldiers, giant maggots and creepy insects. Conservation points are scattered and heroes die due to multiple hits, so it is important to exercise care.

What I enjoyed about it

  • Visual design. The Guise is a striking and unique design and the artists in the game are clearly unique in their style. It’s such an unsettling tale that attracted and scares you it – there’s an unfathomable attraction to the story. The atmosphere is enthralling and the creatures that you encounter, although not seriously, are ones you should be afraid of.
  • Platforming. Moving around the world is fun. Platforms are designed to ensure that players do not slip or fall However, simultaneously their position requires you to be in a position to search for the best way to jump and make sure you jump with care, making sure not to tumble into water or land on the opponent.
  • Music. It is subtle, yet it emphasizes the hostile mood in the match. It changes depending on the situation. is calmer, and then speedier and sets the speed of the game.

What I didn’t enjoy

  • Battle system. Hitboxes aren’t properly setup and the enemies are simple to avoid by rolling endlessly. There are times when Ogden fails to hit the target, and sometimes the enemy strikes him, in spite of the fact that it has clearly has passed the target. The fight is slow and long as some adversaries have to be battered long and repeatedly. You’d like to get through the enemy but the eyes that come off are connected to the pumping. So you need to engage in fights.
  • Readability issues with Traps. Dark visuals create an immersive environment, however due to the monochrome background and the objects that are placed in the background, resembling the three-dimensional scene, often it’s difficult to discern the obstacles. I’ve been swept into the depths of the ocean several times due to it being too dark to see.
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Is it worth taking?

The Guise is a wonderful and charming game However, some flaws prevent players from enjoying the game to the maximum. When you’re ready to deal these flaws and imperfections, you’ll enjoy the game.

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