A review of Looking for Aliens – Aliens Among Us Review

This Game Looking for Aliens from Yustas Games Studio is a classic game in the “object search” genre. It lets you look in search of “a needle in the haystack” or, tiny objects hidden in massive locations. We will discuss in our review what we think is worth your time.

  • Producer: Yustas Games Studio
  • Publisher: Alawar Entertainment
  • Author: December 8, 2021

What’s the game’s focus

The show Looking for Aliens is about an intergalactic show of entertainment where aliens use Earth as a tourist spot and inform viewers about the bizarre customs of the primitive people living there.

To avoid attracting unwanted attention, people from other realms disguise themselves in front of the entire world by playing the role of a cosplayer in the annual celebration known as “UFO witnesses.” The participants are invited to explore the vast areas, search for all related aliens and objects, and complete diverse tasks, including making a spaceship ready for launch.

The maps are mainly vast, with many perfectly well-constructed and beautifully animated objects. A list of locations appears on the lower right of the screen, and each is accompanied by a hint of text that can help narrow your search. If the hint refers to deserts or the desert, don’t waste your time searching for something within the settlement.

In addition, when you play Looking for Aliens, the experience is as dynamic as it gets. Every single person you touch is likely to trigger a humorous reaction. Windows and doors can be opened. Stones may be moved, screens can be turned on, and pizza can be consumed, even if it’s of nothing to do with it.

There’s some button hiding under a rock, the aliens will be asleep inside the car’s trunk, and you’ll earn an achievement by turning on more than a dozen computers. It’s impossible to miss interactive objects. Every game usually begins with a flurry of clicks on everything and lets you immediately locate most of the objects you’re searching for.

What I enjoyed about it

Incredible details. Locations are lively and diverse. It’s fun to explore them, not just to locate objects but also to observe their inhabitants. There are many fascinating scenes and references and jokes in the levels. And often just wanted to get my mind off the work and enjoy watching the actors in their roles.

Easter eggs and secret codes. In addition to the primary goals, some items aren’t documented in places that include collectible cards. There are also whole areas that are not visible of the viewer. It is important to think of ways to get them to be visible. The majority of objects and descriptions include diverse references and passages about pop culture, for instance, the Indiana Jones cap or the well-known survivalist Bear Grylls.

A charming design style. The game is simply beautifully illustrated. There are many repetitive objects; however, the artists cleverly hide their designs and the animations are very diverse.

What I didn’t enjoy

Colour schemes for HTML0. I understand why the creators decided to use a predominant usage of two specific shades in every stage of Looking for Aliens: so that the players can easily discern interactive objects within the picture. But, in many cases, this hinders perception of the image, and it isn’t as deep. If the game were bright, it would be more difficult to locate objects would increase, and also its appeal to the eye.

Audiotrack. It’s pretty good; however, it’s a bit intrusive and dull. It was time to disable the music on the settings and play on a podcast while on the side, then just enjoy the game with the conversation of presenters.

Descriptions of objects. Sometimes, they are too hazy to know the right place to look for the item that you are looking for. It is necessary to complete about 80percent of the quest before you can exit the level, and sometimes you “managed” to be stuck on the final item by slavishly moving around the map trying to locate the correct object randomly. Maybe this could be solved with the system of hinting that actually pokes the player into the area but not to allow them to misuse it. They could also be set to a particular time limit for rollback.

Do you think it is worth picking up?

The game Looking For Aliens is an excellent example of “object search” and is a perfect example of the “object hunt” genre. It is a fun and relaxing play experience, and the numerous jokes and references will entertain players to the max. If you are a fan of imaginative games, This game will provide you with something new to enjoy.

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