A review of In Sound Mind – a little more than a typical indie horror Review

There aren’t many projects that fall under Modus Games’ Modus Games publishing house can be described as successful However, when it comes to In Sound Mind, the most successful work of the indie group We Create Stuff, they did not miss the mark. We will tell you in a way that is not spoiler-free the reasons why those who love the genre of narrative horror must check it out.

  • Producer: We Create Stuff
  • Publisher: Modus Games
  • Please note: September 29, 2021

It’s so easy to find independent horror titles out there today that it’s challenging to keep up with them all, but after you’ve tried one, two, or three, it’s hard not to be disappointed. The gameplay is sloppy, not terrifying even if the plot isn’t very compelling and the gameplay is mediocre. But, if you don’t, you’ll be able to forget all of them, and you run the risk of missing something truly remarkable.

We’ve created something completely new at the studio named We Create Stuff. What are they doing? They created a puzzle that isn’t quite as clear and a few browser games, some mods to Portal, a few mods on Portal, along with the “widely well-known within small groups” scary game Nightmare House built on a half-life engine. Then suddenly, it turns into an independent product? Yes, it is. It’s quite astonishing.

The storyline in In Sound Mind stretches out of the impenetrable darkness. The story begins in the unknowable where and unknown who, and when you get out from the basement area of the apartment, you discover that everything is very odd. All around you is water, and the city’s streets are overflowing with water, there isn’t anyone is about, and the building in which you areis empty.

After resolving a few simple problems, you end up at the protagonist’s office, which is where you get an explanation of the plot. The main character Desmond Wales is a psychiatrist in Milton Haven whose patients, for reasons that he cannot understand, appear bizarre and then die one after another. However, desmond is confident of his professional skills and does not doubt that external involvement was involved.

But a villain similar to Freddy of A Nightmare on Elm Street is not the case. He believes that the physician is the one to be the cause of all the trouble that has struck the sleepy town. The caller will often contact Desmond on landlines, make threats or threaten him, and block his path through words and actions.

Desmond discovers that he’s stuck somewhere between the worlds of real and abstract reality. In the course of investigating the cases that his patients have died, the doctor visits their altered, traumatized, and distorted realities to free their souls from suffering and to finally understand the chaos around them.

Sound Mind Sound Mind does not dazzle with its graphics, and it doesn’t interfere with the finer details. However, the game’s tasks are laid out so that the player can easily understand what the game demands of him and why it’s not a good idea to enter a dark basement with the discharged flashlight.

From the very first second of gameplay, you’re sucked into an unsettling swarm of noises such as creaks, whispers, whispers, along with other unpleasant bad for your ears sounds. the dark, creepy background perfectly intensifies and enhances the mood.

The soundtrack in the game from The Living Tombstone is a tale in and of itself. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend purchasing the additional content that includes music on Steam. It’s been a while since Silent Hill have I heard music so sensual in a horror film.

The creators have employed numerous tried-and-true techniques to ensure that the user is alert: objects away from the player’s field of view, bizarre blurs of light in certain places, and ever-changing, ever-shifting, real-time scenery. In addition, we regularly give players all kinds of notes to ensure that the feeling of a ghostly presence doesn’t fade away for a second.

If you’re confused by the typical slowness in walking simulations, I am here to inform the player that Desmond is extremely fast. Even if he only briefly, He is much quicker than the soldiers of Battlefield, sneaks extremely fast, and jumps very high. Due to his two previous characteristics, game makers designed simple jumps and scenarios where you need to be sneaky.

We all know that Indie horror games usually come out as atmospheric. However, they suffer from poorly implemented mechanics. In this way, In Sound Mind was no exception. The game’s stealth mechanics are not well-designed. The creatures are visually pretty swift, and it’s impossible to cover them completely. If they do spot you, they’ll pursue you until the end of the road.

If you are running away, break into the room and close out the doors behind, the creature remains behind it in a conservative state. However, this, by the way, plays to your advantage as the pursuers could be kept in the room to prevent ammunition from being wasted.

It’s true that Desmond receives a firearm, and getting into dingy, unfamiliar rooms is a bit easier. However, like other tools, essential and optional, to acquire the gun, you’ll need to go through the traditional hunt to locate things, and In Sound Mind is full-packed.

Most challenges are straightforward and secondary; however, this is only a benefit to the horror. There is never a pause and almost always moving in the direction of the story. The levels are also hidden. there are pills that, once discovered, can boost some of the 4 characteristics of the hero’s character. “Detect” enhances your stealth “Quicknose,” which is speed “Vitalix,” and health, as well as “Stoicin,” is endurance.

If stealth, poor efficiency, and not necessarily the most effective translation, they don’t paint a picture of In Sound Mind; the boss fights are the most intriguing and well-played options. It’s hard to say with no spoilers. Therefore, be aware that There are many bosses here, and all are dependent on stories, and you’ll have to find a way of tackling every one. In the case of the first such as, say, you’re fond of Antosha Gorodetsky in “Dozors,” you’ll have to make use of the mirror.

The film In Sound Mind is an enormous puzzle that has previously undiscovered images. You begin to be confused, and then you are filled with anger and curiosity until you finally create a frightful piece that has an enthralling and tragic plot, but it isn’t enough to help you understand the picture.

The game can be described with its delicate humor, but it has plenty of terrifying moments. What makes the game so scary isn’t just the scrimmers but the setting: stories that include terrifying details, dark descriptions, and potentially dangerous situations. If you are able to endure the stoic images, In Sound Mind will delight you often.

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