A Memoir Blue Review – What Was It Review

Cloisters Interactive’s creators describe their concept, A Memoir Blue, as “an interactive poem. The project isn’t to play any exciting game. Instead, we will tell you whether the game can give something back in the review.

  • Producer: Cloisters Interactive
  • Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
  • The Release Date is 24 March 2022

Memoir Blue is a game about family relationships: The main character has had many wins and has won a large number of cups and medals, which was the consequence of having one mother who was both determined and rigid.

However, a champion in the world of sports, she has been unable to achieve success in her private life, as is evident by the inside of her home, which is awash in trophy cases and void of any other sign of people. The writers take the participant on a trip through the life of the heroine’s character to reveal the background and motives that led to her current situation.

The story isn’t easy to describe as gripping. However, it’s a bit emotional, meaningful, and down-to-earth. Many gamers will appreciate the closeness of the story and the relatable. Who hasn’t experienced the pressure of parents demanding our attention? But the catharsis is so insignificantly expressed that it doesn’t generate any feelings: it’s like watching an uninteresting movie that you can are watching in the background, taking care of your affairs as you are aware that it’s not able to grab your attention in the fullest.

Memoir Blue is not doing well in terms of gameplay. The first thing to note is that it is prolonged. If the main character were a bit more agile, the game would be completed twice as fast, or approximately one-half hour. The cut-scenes are rerun as characters move. Women take a deliberately slow pace as the player starts to yawn in anticipation of some kind of action.

Furthermore, the puzzles within the game aren’t simple. They are so simple that you are tempted to think there is a chance of catching them. However, it may not be that simple. All the player needs to do is click on interactive objects, and the most challenging part is to locate these objects. The game performs everything else by itself, and it isn’t easy to praise it for the kind of game it offers.

Of course, we’ve played several art-house and walking simulator games in which the player is only given a small amount of involvement. Memoir Blue is different. Memoir Blue is a standout in this category, allowing players’ observers to view events from edges and occasionally influence the events. The game is beautiful, but only that, and the gorgeous music is restricted to two songs.

The task of recommending the game isn’t easy. It’s not an adventure that’s memorable for long, and the game offers only a few choices. The movie Memoir Blue is worth your focus only if you’re looking to watch an incredibly immersive story for an hour.

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